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16 October 2014

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A Pure and Perfect Work of Beauty

By Martin Roberts
January 2003, Swansea
A digital story from Capture Wales

Searching for that missing something

Martin travelled across the world in search of that 'something' which he felt was missing from his life.

"Wondering alone in a world of my own,
Singing my songs as I travel along.
I'll steak my claim in the promised land,
But never search for the pearl in a dead man's hand.

Cause what does truth mean when there's nothing to say?
I could be gone for a year, I could be gone for a day,
But the questions will remain and the song will stay the same.
Though the answer may have changed by the end of the game.

Three years ago I felt lost like there was something missing from my life, so I quit my job, bought a ticket, boarded the plane and set off to try and find.

I travelled the world... had my eyes open to breathtaking sunsets; woke up to birds singing in tropical rainforest; climbed mountains; threw myself out of a plane off a bridge; down raging river rapids... Heard music on the streets and in bars and in concert halls that made my soul sing for joy... Met some of the most beautiful, brightest, coolest, kindest, craziest exciting people the world has to offer. Still I kept searching...

After a year I returned home and settled back into the old routine of my life, except now somehow things were different and then I realised she'd been there all along, of course, but I'd never recognised her before as the girl who would predict my future and design my dreams. She is the yin to my yang. The Jill to my Jack. The head to my tail.

She is a pure and perfect work of beauty."

What's your story about?
Never giving up on your dreams, no matter how far away they may seem. Embrace life and everything it has to offer because sometimes, even when it feels like everything and every one is conspiring against you, the very thing you are searching for (whether you know it or not) is right there under your nose.
I wanted to tell this story in the hope that it might inspire people and make them realise that life is there for the taking. Take control of your life and don't be afraid to try something new. Especially if you are less than satisfied with the way your life is going: don't sit and complain about it - do something to change it!

What was the most rewarding aspect of the workshop?
Meeting a great bunch of people and sharing our hopes and dreams with each other. Also, I learnt some valuable new skills which I will now be able to pass on to future generations through my teaching. I am currently training to be a teacher of English in Swansea.

Your comments

"Sometimes it takes a while to figure out what we really want in life but most of us figure it out eventually. Took me three years (and a lot of tuition money) to figure out what I really want to do with my life. Congratulations on finding what you were looking for." Jeremy Hewitson, Chatham, Ontario, Canada.

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