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16 October 2014

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Margaret Oliver: Dark Days and Rainbows

Dark Days and Rainbows

By Margaret Oliver
January 2004, south east Wales
A digital story from Capture Wales

Margaret's Rainbow

Margaret, from the south Wales valleys, found it difficult to overcome being a victim of crime.

Dark Days and Rainbows

Why? Why do I feel the guilty one? I'm the victim, he's the one that done the crime to me. How can anyone do something like this in a religious place like this cemetery? All I was doing was helping a friend, to place some flowers on her husband's grave... and I was mugged; attacked. It have completely changed my life.

It's not that he stole my purse and handbag - he stole my freedom!

I never left the house for three years. I was so frightened to go out in case I bumped into him. God, I wanted to hurt him - that's what scared me. That's what made me feel so guilty.

The only people I would have around me were my family, who supported me in every way they could. My husband and daughter bought me jewellery to cheer me up. They tried all ways to get me out of the house, but I just couldn't do it! Until one day, my husband finally got me to go for a ride in the car.

I was so terrified, I couldn't stop crying. But that was my first step. I suddenly decided I wanted to stop being a victim. That's when I started getting back to normal life by helping other people.

I'm now involved in many charities. Every time I help someone I feel stronger. And now at last, I love being out of the house - the dark days have gone and I have finally found my rainbow.

Margaret Oliver

Please tell us about yourself.
I come from the valleys in South Wales. I help many charitable organisations and I help people who have been victims like myself. I enjoy swimming, writing poems and I love travelling.

What's your story about Margaret?
I became a victim of crime and my story is about how I eventually got myself back to normal life. I hope the story will help other people who have become victims of crime to get back to normal life.

What was the most rewarding aspect of the workshop?
I enjoyed seeing my story come to life and I enjoyed learning how to create the film. I can't say what was the most rewarding part of the workshop because every part of what I done was rewarding and I'd love to do it again sometime.


Elizabeth Cetin, South Wales.
Excellent story. It have given me a lot of confidence in myself, because I have been a victim of crime, and I lost all confidence in myself. It has given me courage to start facing the world again. Thank you Margaret for sharing your story. It has help me a great deal and can't thank you enough.

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