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16 October 2014

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Lewis Reilly: Dreamscape


By Lewis Reilly
February 2004, Caerphilly
A digital story from Capture Wales

Dreaming of Stardom

Lewis' ambitions of becoming a rock-star might well become a reality.

I can be anyone, anything. My wildest imaginations are now my reality. As soon as my eyes close it begins. My dreams transport me to new dimensions where anything is possible. I am free to fulfil my ambitions, far away from the constraints of my every-day life.

I am now the legend I wish to be. I stand on stage, all powerful - my mastery unchallenged. They are my acolytes, gathered for just one reason; to honour me. Their zeal becomes my lifeblood. My power and dominion are complete. I command through my music and they respond with adulation and respect. I am the embodiment of their desires and for that moment life couldn't be any better.

I know that I am there living out my dream, but in the end that's all it is. Dreams can be quite punishing in one way, I suppose. One minute I'm all that I can be; the next I'm back lying in my solitary bed... and what is real, is the pile of unfinished essays looking at me accusingly from my desk in the corner and the sound of my mum's voice urging me to get a move on because daydreaming is for losers.

But I know that no-one wins without dreams. Dreams are a practise run which puts us that much closer to making them a reality. Who knows? Maybe dreams can come true.

Lewis Reilly

Please tell us about yourself.
Well my name is Lewis Reilly. I enjoy having a laugh and I am a great fan of good rock music. I'd say I was quite good looking - ha ha! ... and I live in a great town called Caerphilly.

What's you story about?
My story is about my dream in life - to be a famous rock singer and to be an icon to people. It's about the dream and the realization that will probably never happen but who knows! I created this story because it was something everyone does in their life - some might not seem stupid to others, but to you they mean a lot. I thought I'd express my dream in life, as people who watch it might have the same dream.

What did you enjoy about the workshop experience?
I enjoyed learning new things in a friendly environment - the coffee breaks were a good part as well. I enjoyed the voice-over the best as it was a once in a lifetime experience - who knows I might be back in there for a second time!

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