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16 October 2014

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East or West?

By Leanne Thomas
September 2003, Tredegar
A digital story from Capture Wales

Postcards from Paradise?

Leanne recalls her adventures from around the globe ...

"Dear All - Asia,
Got asked if we wanted to see ping-pong then play spot the lady-boy. Lizards, ants and poisonous flying things - all for £4 a night. Luckily, the only snakes we saw were on the menu. Drove down a one-way street the wrong way and no one even noticed.

Dear All - Singapore,
Everywhere is no smoking and it's making me crazy. Singapore slings - that's how I imagined evil would taste.

Dear All - Indonesia,
Met monkeys; nearly drowned and adopted ten stray dogs. Temples, temples, temples.

Dear All - Australia,
Had a reward of Grand Prix tickets because Beth had caught a bag-snatcher; bonded with a possum, a wombat and laughing crocks; bought a car and saw rain for the first time in five months and found out that our windscreen wipers didn't actually work. Nearly drowned again!

Dear All - Merry Christmas,
Received a present of Marmite in the post and had a tree made from cereal boxes and tinfoil; Christmas dinner of pumpkin in a seedy café, sat next to drag queens. But New Year more than made up for it with fireworks and FourX.

Dear All - New Zealand,
Had a dip in a mineral thermal spa, but it was like being boiled alive so we jumped out sharpish!

Dear All - Fiji,
Deserted white beaches, which is a good thing as some swine has pinched my bikini top.

Dear All - L.A.,
Ultimate stalker heaven - homes of the stars and the very, very strange. Saw one of the churches Elizabeth Taylor got married in and George Michael's favourite toilets.

Dear All - Las Vegas,
In the middle of the dessert, but wore the only jumper I had all week as it's absolutely freezing.

Dear All,
Breathtaking scenery, fascinating wildlife, history and romance - it's good to be home. East or West, home is definitely best."

End slide for Beth, Liz and Maley - my travelling buddies and friends for life.

Leanne Thomas

Please tell us about yourself.
I'm a 29-year-old youth worker from Tredegar. I am a dog owner and 'wife to be'. I have recently bought a house in Tredegar which has surprised everyone who knows me, as they thought I possessed the travelling gene.

What's your story about?
Travelling the world and loving every minute. I then discovered that home is where the heart is.

How did you find the workshop?
The entire experience was excellent. It was nice to be allowed to bore people with tales of my travels, as my friends are in the stage of telling me to 'Shut it!'.

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