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16 October 2014

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Talking Pictures

By Laurence Harborne
May 2007, Wrexham
A digital story from Capture Wales

"I went off to the park and took some pictures of these ponds and they look quite nice and I realised I could see myself in them, so I just took pictures. I wanted to go for lots of different like reflecting material like glass. And I went for a shiny material as well.

That's a big happy birthday balloon and I think it's 8 or something. It's like a helium thing so I just thought that's quite nice. I was looking for a nice shiny metal surface but I did quite well.

That was the first picture I took. I quite like single, big, large amounts of yellow and I then took the stripes and the bananas picture. They all quite fit together quite well so I used them.

I was trying to like think about passion. Typical passion would be like someone walking hand in hand and stuff but Wrexham's not really like that. It's pretty grim. So I was just like thinking what else's people's passion? I saw some guy with a football tattoo and I thought that looks like a quite cool idea but he got away before I could take a photograph of him.

And so I went to the Wrexham training ground and next to it is the pub called The Turf where all the main supporters go sort of thing. And then I saw the Salvation Army place and she spoke to me for ages. Her passion in life is helping people and helping the community.

I saw 2 people walking along and it was a really skinny girl next to quite a large girl and I quite liked it but I didn't get the camera out in time so I went round looking for people's shapes and like the way they stand and the way they're built and I managed to get a picture of quite a skinny man standing next to or walking along with his wife and I quite liked just the image of it.

I realise like just the way people stand is quite nice and like the guy, he was just leaning down with his phone like that, it just looked good. And then this man, the old man I saw in the bus stop, he was holding himself really strange and he looked like he was praying and had a well-elegant and good posture ... quite a nice picture.

I live in Nantglyn. It's near Denbigh. Even though this is a pretty small town, it's bigger than anything else where I'm from sort of thing. It's 5 miles to the nearest shop. It's pretty bad."

Your comments

"Hi ... If you want to photograph patterns and reflections you could look at abstract artists and fine art photographers. Passion can be subjective not just an obvious thing like holding hands. I liked your helium balloon and bananas." Jasmine, Wrexham.

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