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16 October 2014

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A Domestic Diplomat

By Kel Palmer
February 2006, Moutain Ash
A digital story from Capture Wales

Teddy's troubles

Kel and Rosemary call on the services of their domestic diplomat, a wise intermediary who intervenes when storm clouds gather.

"A human partnership without conflict is inconceivable. The acid test comes when we decide to share our lives, our dreams and our bed with someone else, especially if either partner has had previous strong relationships.

Frank Sinatra sang of 'Love being more wonderful the second time around'. Rosemarie and I agree, but she - wise psyche - foresaw the dangers and decided we needed an intermediary, a domestic diplomat, to intercede when storm clouds gathered. So, she gave birth to BEAR.

Bear is not a mascot or talisman. He is the fall guy, the ship's cat, the first recipient of the boot up the backside.

He is the one that loses the car keys, spills curry on the cushions, misses the last post. Blame him for anything and he won't deny it or make any reproach and although he knows all our secrets, he keeps schtum.

When Rou or I declare 'Bear says', we're pouring oil on troubled waters, taking the edge off a cutting remark.

As befits his role, Bear is a frequent traveller. In his British Bearways uniform, his furry features are familiar at immigration desks worldwide. Be it Berlin, Bali, Baltimore, Bangkok, Brisbane or Buenos Aires, Bear reaches the parts that other bears cannot reach.

Bear fixes things before they get broke.

Being chosen for his aristocratic features, superior intelligence and matchless temperament, he is of course, cute and cuddly.

Doubtless he may lose his hair and the odd limb, and be tormented mercilessly by kids, cats and kangaroos, but Bear will stay with us forever, performing his heaven-sent duty of keeping the peace in a very special love story.

We recommend him to lovers everywhere."

Kel Palmer

Please tell us about yourself.
I'm born and bred in Manchester; spent 37 years in the RAF as a "fighter jock" followed by 17 years in the Defence Industry as Marketing Director. I have travelled to 110 countries and lived in six overseas. My chief interests are sport, dancing, line-dancing, writing, gardening and social activities. I have four children and twelve grandchildren. I met my second wife Rosemarie in Cyprus and then retired to live in Mountain Ash.

What's your story about?
All human relationships are subject to disagreement and even open warfare. Moods and circumstances often lead to flash points. Rosemarie and I decided to employ a mediator...
It embraces much of what is wonderful in our love story and may help others to find a solution to their personal problems. This mediator is just a bit special and helps us to laugh instead of being too serious!

What did you find the most rewarding about the workshop?
Meeting a dozen or so other people from different backgrounds and experiences - all with fascinating and unusual stories to tell - was most rewarding as well as learning about awewsome technology that seems to transform the ordinary and mundane into illusionary perfection.

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