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16 October 2014

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Time for something new

By Karen Smith
July 2007, Newtown
A digital story from Capture Wales

"I grew up in care and for as long as I can remember people have said, "You'll never amount to anything."My studying is as much for self-fulfilment as sticking one in the eye of the people who had no faith in me. So I spend half my life looking for new challenges.

I had the builders in and they were refurbishing the kitchens. I was practically living for about seven days with my kitchen appliances in the middle of my living room... and my mate come around and she saw the chaos I was sitting in, with these two really bored children and she says, "C'mon, there's no wonder you're depressed, you're sitting in this chaos. I'm about to go to a First Aid course, it's the first day today. Come along!"

It was being taken to this first aid course that got me out and about... and seeing people and mixing.

We finally got things together, I got organized and I just felt that I needed a bigger challenge because not to blow my own trumpet I think I've got a switched on brain and I'm open to new ideas... I've done all sorts of things - art, IT, sociology changing society, dance, homeopathy... and teaching.

I've really enjoyed sharing what I've learnt with my children and I want to be able to continue sharing the knowledge because sharing the knowledge is what living is about... and the tutor hands out leaflets - part time BA study on your doorstep - perfect for me! Don't have to travel, don't have to uproot my family and that's basically it really.

I've committed myself to my family and my husband and my job is half done. I have time to commit to something else that's for me, because I don't really know me... I'm only just starting to discover me since starting my degree."

Your comments

"Lovely inspiring piece. I teach media production and I'll be showing this to my new students next week as it's a great introduction to digital storytelling and will hopefully inspire them to discover themselves as they embark on a new journey." Dominic from Bristol.

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