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16 October 2014

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Most Honourable Thing

By Kaifeng Peng
March 2006, Cardiff
A digital story from Capture Wales

A daughter's dedication

A personal story of how Kaifeng strived to gain the respect and understanding of her father.

"My sister is six years older than me. Our father gave her the name Rong which means glory, and named me Feng which means wind. I have never been sure whether our father's expectations affected us or whether there was a destiny behind our names because amazingly our characteristics match them. Our Glory had never fallen short of father's anticipation; she was such a good child, hard-working and respectful. In contrast, I was born an untamed person, never wanting to be restrained, always wanting to be free as the wind, but this had immensely upset my father.

He was always very strict with me. I know he was trying to make me as excellent as sister. But, I had never thought about surpassing sister and becoming father's only pride.

My attitude to life was changed by his passing away in my third year of university. Since then I felt I need to grow up and take the responsibility of caring for the family as he did before.

Now three years almost passed, I have left home and studied in the UK. My final goal is to let my family lead a better life in the future through my efforts.

Sometimes, when I get a small success, I speak to father in my heart, "Dad, I didn't shame you, I will take good care of mum. But, I'm not trying to be the most honourable daughter; the most honourable thing is being your daughter."

Dedicated to my, father Peng Xinyu 1950-2003"

Kaifeng Peng

Please tell us a little about yourself.
I'm from China. I was born in a small place called Lishui, Nanjing. My first degree is Education, but after graduation, I worked for a website for nearly half a year. In July 2005, I came to the UK. Now I'm studying MA International Journalism in Cardiff University.

What's your story about?
It's dedicated to my father and how his death has changed my attitude to life.

Why did you choose to tell this particular story?
After my dad died, my mum asked my sister and me to destroy all dad's pictures as she didn't want those pictures remind her dad. My sister's words have still impressed me, "no, we can't do that. We still need to remember dad." Then she said to me, "If you could have any chance in the future to write something about dad to memorise him, do it." Now Capture Wales gave me this chance, so I made this film, expressing my love to my dad, and my family.

What did you find most rewarding about the workshop?
Being able to realise my wish of doing something for father and memorising him.

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