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16 October 2014

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Relatively Tiny

By Jo Bryan-Smith
May 2007, Wrexham
A digital story from Capture Wales

"I wanted to show how I'm actually quite small. I've deliberately taken a picture with Dave 'cos he's a lot taller than me. We took it from high up and I'm also on my knees in that aswell to kind of empasise it a bit more.

And I've also got other people's shoes lined up next to mine, which are in the middle, to show that they're a lot smaller than everyone else's.

Well, recently, I notice I look a lot smaller than I am. 'Cos a lot of people are like, "ooh, you're really small." I'm not that small, most girls are my height, but I look a lot smaller than I am.

I kind of kept a similar theme with this one and just took road markings. And I noticed as well, rather than being a warning, which red is usually a warning sign, yellow's more of a message than a warning.

I stuck to one shape, to circles, some dog hoops, from the market. It's quite busy as well; you do focus on that. It's like a target.

And I got the Sellotapes as well, which, they don't look like Sellotapes at first glance. It's just kind of, a pattern of a shape, whereas it's just like an everyday object.

My friend Harriet. She has quite sort of, not eccentric, but she dresses kind of a bit off-the-wall. She's quite boldly fashioned.

And I've also taken a picture of two, as they're called, emos.

And this is a dress that someone in my class made, out of recycled materials, which I think's actually quite nice.

There's loads of things that I want to wear, but recently, I've got a bit more adventurous with what I wear. I think I can get away with some things now, but just 'cos I've got the confidence now, rather than looking any different.

The my space one: I took it as kind of 'your space', the way lights go. I did a photomontage of my window and my bed where I spend a lot of time, as you do.

Then I've got the bit where I usually go to smoke, which I shouldn't.

I've got the place where I work in college, like my little area, my little working area. I quite like to make things. I quite like to be hands on. I quite like to work in my little area, I don't tend to work outside of it very much. It's just like a nice little place to work. It's right in the corner. Mine's quite snug really, it's right by the radiator so it's really good in the winter. I'm really looking forward to going to uni now. I can't wait."

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