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16 October 2014

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Unique To Me

By Jess Wan
May 2007, Wrexham
A digital story from Capture Wales

"For the first one, I've just taken a picture of myself in the window. It's sort of blocking out my face, but it's still got all of my crazy clothes in it, which is very me and very loud.

Then, the second one, I took of my eyes, but it's really focusing on my piercing because that's unique to me, 'cos it's mine. It's like, three years ago I got it. I just wanted it for ages and I tried it on and it just suited me and now it's like it's part of me. I forget that it's there and stuff. Just natural to be there, which is kind of bizarre 'cos it's like a foreign body really.

First of all my Gran was like, "Oh my God!" but now they're all just used to it.

I've got all sorts of bits of screws and wires and stuff that I'm going to be building an installation from. So at the moment, that's what my space is all about.

I'm going to make some big crazy installation in the kitchen and stuff. It'll be cool though

The one place that's really special to me in Wrexham is Belle View Park. I spent a lot of time, this time last year, before he went to uni. So I took a picture of that and where we used to sit in the sun. I think it's really pretty. Lots of people think of Wrexham as quite an ugly, drab place, and then you walk through the town and go to the other side of it and suddenly, there's this gorgeous park there. It's really relaxing and quiet

I'm passionate about what I'm doing right now; that I'm going to do sculpture and I'm really thirsty to learn more skills and stuff right now, which I've never been, really, in education. I've always been half-hearted and not enjoyed it, but in this year, I've just completely come out of my shell and I love it loads.

I quite like lots of pattern, all mixed together and clashing colours and stuff, that sort of, because they clash, they can look quite funky, as long as they don't clash too much.

And I like bright clothes and I don't like to conform because I hate seeing people walking down the street and they all look the same. And I'm not that type of person. I'm not a normal person, so I'm definitely gonna not dress normally.

I like bright colours and patterns and stuff that most people wouldn't wear.

Really, I think it stems from when I was younger. Everything about me was controlled, I couldn't decide for myself what clothes I wanted to wear or anything.

So now, being able to find myself and be able to do that, is great, and so I go a bit over the top and bizarre, but I love it that way and I wouldn't have it any other way."

Your comments

"I enjoy diversity and i think that it was wonderful that you have chosen to share your uniqueness with the rest of the world." Kyle Stokes from Canada.

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