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16 October 2014

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By Jacqueline Sandover
November 2006, Lampeter
A digital story from Capture Wales

Searching for the Spark

Jacqueline tries to catch a glimpse of the twinkle her father had in his eye.

"There's a mirror in my bathroom - and I've been looking. Not the usual, casual flirtation I have with my reflection, but a searching inspection.

I'm trying to catch a glimpse of the twinkle my father had in his eye when I was first given life.

That spark has been nurtured and kept safe in various disguises over the years. I've had a frock for every function and a hat for every head.

But now he has died and I'm at a loss. I have nothing to wear!

My hats don't seem to fit anymore and favourite clothes I have been worn threadbare. To prevent fear and outrage, I'm revamping friendly hand-me-downs, so I can still get out and about.

It has to be time for change. I'm looking for something that will reflect this mood I'm in, and give fresh fire to that star my father first conceived, which is now set in its own orbit.

Suddenly, I see it glint in my eye as I regard myself, fresh washed from yesterday's grime. Unmasked, I have caught myself smiling; knowing in this moment my new life begins. It won't matter how I choose to dress-up, now that I'm prepared to wear my own skin."

Please tell us a little about yourself.
Fascinated by life's intricate coils, I look to the beauty in the pattern emerging. This keeps me engaged with the creativity of learning. At this stage in my life, this is a particularly good focus as I seek a new direction to head in. If I had a map, I could easily read it, but at least I have the assurance that I'm an instinctive navigator.

What's your story about?
It's about the experience of transition when an important person dies. They have gone, the world moves on, but somehow it is all different.
This was not my initial choice of story, but the impact of my father's death was pervading every part of my thinking, so it seemed like a good idea to articulate it. The format of storytelling for this particular application gave me a chance to simplify and condense this expression. It was an extremely useful exercise.

What did you find most rewarding about the workshop?
I found the workshop rewarding on many levels and I relished the whole experience. I was especially delighted to find that the technology involved was not difficult to learn, especially with such kind, patient guidance!

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