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16 October 2014

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Hidden Agenda

By Huw Davie
January 2003, Llanelli
A digital story from Capture Wales

The secret plans

Huw Davie has some secret plans which no-one at home knows about.

"We kept it a secret from our families and friends. They thought it was just a holiday, three weeks travelling around North Carolina staying with our friend, Dave. But we had a plan - we were going there to get married. We left Dave in charge of all the arrangements and set off not knowing where or when. "There's time for a short trip to Washington DC before the wedding", Dave said. The guard on the museum steps told us that they weren't opening that day and we'd better get to a radio or TV quickly. All the traffic and sirens made us feel that something wasn't quite right but maybe this was normal for Washington. We crowded round a news kiosk with a group of Japanese tourists and looked at the small TV screen. The Pentagon had been hit and there was a fourth plane missing. We were standing between the White House and Capital Hill. I was all for staying put but Dave and Carol wanted to get out so it was "Sayonara" to DC and we headed off back to North Carolina and our wedding plans. The lines were all jammed and it wasn't until we got into Virginia that we were able to phone home. I spoke to Carol's mum and told her we were safe. "Oh, and by the way", I said, "raise a glass to us at 7.00 o'clock on Friday, we're getting married."

This wasn't your typical wedding. No bridesmaids, no suits and ties, we even had a T-shirt made up for Dave to wear on the day. Carol borrowed a pashmina and I put on a new shirt I'd bought specially. Downbury Court House, Stokes County, USA. We changed in the car park, hiked up Hanging Rock and opened a bottle of champagne. How can I ever forget my wedding anniversary?"

Huw Davie

Please tell us about yourself.
I am a Technician at the Dylan Thomas Centre in Swansea, but I will start soon on a season of guided tours around the city centre, showing people the sights of Swansea with particular reference to one of Wales most famous poet Dylan Thomas. I live in Llanelli and I have been married to Carol for over a year now. We also have a wonderful border collie called Otis.

What is your story about?
The story is about our journey to see my old friend, Dave, in North Carolina. But, as youd soon find out, it was no ordinary journey. The tragic events of September the 11th happened while we were out there, but this did not halt the secret plans Carol and I had. Dave, too, was a key player in ensuring that our plans was a success. This story is about adventure and romance.

How did you find the workshop?
I really enjoyed the technology and it was a real insight into how films are made. I enjoyed meeting the other storytellers and I was overwhelmed to see how the ideas for the stories progressed and developed to the finished films I saw at the end.

Your comments

"I think this was a lovely story! Exciting and romantic and truly a sacred memory. I liked the way the story started, a unique wedding, but the ending had a twist that I did not expect ... beautiful." Nadine, Canada.

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