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16 October 2014

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I Just Hate Exams

By Gareth Trussler
March 2007, Cydweli
A digital story from Coleg Sir Gâr

"I hate exams, I just hate them and the stress that comes with it. My mother is a school teacher, so you'd expect me to be brilliant at exams but I'm not. I hate the feeling it brings when you feel that you have not studied enough, which is true most of the time for me. The thought of letting my mother down with my results is worse than sitting the actual exam.

There is nothing worse than people bragging about how they didn't study for a test and they have brilliant results. I don't like it when my friends tell me that they have studied everything when the exams are 5 days away either. I don't really know what's worse. I just can't revise - I sit there thinking about what I could be doing outside. It makes me feel like I'm cut off from civilization and when I do go out, I hate the sense of guilt I feel when I'm enjoying myself. It's a no win situation.

I hate the feeling of going to the exam in the car, getting closer and closer all the time. I think exams should be banned. We should have assignment work to do instead of exams and remove students' unnecessary stress. If everyone did assignments, no one would have to wait and worry about whether they've passed or not. They would also feel better because teachers could return the assignments and tell them what's wrong. You can't do that with exams. I just hate exams!"

Your comments

"I really really hate exams too. Sometimes you tell yourself to study just the important parts of every chapter, thinking that's what's going to come out in the exam questions, only to have the unimportant ones being tested. Sometimes you study everything will all you've got. Only to have the irrelevant stuff being tested. In other words, I really hate exam!" Samantha from Australia.

"I hate exams, I just hate exams, my mum's a school teacher as well. The thought of letting my mother down as well is worse than sitting the actual exam. I hate the feeling of going to the exam in the car, it's a no win situation, I sit there thinking about what I could be doing outside. Do you get that feeling?" Steven from Leeds.

"Totally can understand how you feel. Education is about stress management too, I guess. Everything about planning, comprehening, memorising and ability to work under stress with a time limit comes into exam too. It's just like a marathon, every part of the body is worked out." Lance from Singapore.

"I Hate exams. I love education, but cannot stand exams." Manchester

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