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16 October 2014

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Lovely Life

By Davidii Kakande
April 2002, Wrexham
A digital story from Capture Wales

From Uganda to Wales

Find out about the personal views and opinions of Davidii Kakande, a Ugandan who's now settled in north Wales. He enjoys the life here, but is still intrigued with the way we live our lives.

"Life in North Wales is good and enjoyable... good roads, good pubs... people are enjoying what is available.

When I was still in Uganda, my friend told me that people don't have anywhere to build houses so if our father built the first floor, the son do the second and the grandson do the third one.

I miss Ugandan steamed banana, cassavas, sweet potato. People here in Wales they enjoy chips, burgers and fish.

People here in North Wales, they miss junk food which is very very delicious... if they tested I think they would stop... we like to eat junk food always because it is very very delicious.

People here in Wales, they behave strangely... they have strange pierce nose, ears, tongues and belly button!

High heeled shoes... so...they... I don't understand how they behave because in Uganda it is very difficult to see somebody piercing nose and belly button and somebody speaking with piercing or her tongue.

In Uganda there is no need for using electric and gas heaters. Whether it is night or day, it is warm so there is no need to use gas and electric heaters which is very costly.

Here in Wales, people fear... to enjoy sun, death because they fear to get cancer.

Before coming in Wales I thought people here... all people speaking Welsh but to my amazement people here they speak two languages... Welsh and English but in Uganda we speak 42 languages.

Although Wales is a strange land with strange behaviour and weather, I'd like to stay in Wales... lovely Wales."

Davidii Kakande

So you're from Uganda originally, what brought you to Wales?I am a Wrexham based (future) feature film actor. I am learning computers but before this I was studying journalism in Uganda, a staunch supporter of Demoratic party, looking for funds to get a degree in IT.

What's your story about?
My story is about life in Uganda and Wales. I was comparing how people are treating me, the weather and the food among other things. I decided to tell this story because the first thing you experience anywhere in this world is life - sweet lovely life.

What are your future plans?
I now have some little experience and great ideas about digital storytelling. If anybody is interested in me and my digital story, my ambition now is to be an actor and appear on the big screen.

Your comments

"I was interested in knowing about Davidii's views on life in Wales. His comments on the food, people and the general life. I don't believe he elaborated enough for a full understanding of his experience in Wales. I would still like to know." Sonya Barnett, Colorado, USA.

"This is a very good story and very natural right from the heart. Seeing such stories like this spoken from the heart is great." Alpha, Wales.

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