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16 October 2014

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An Impulse Buy

By Chris Carbin
November 2006, Lampeter
A digital story from Capture Wales

Landscape of Peace

Lampeter student Chris Carbin finds a new passion when he takes to the hills to explore the surrounding countryside.

"My Dad is a very keen walker; he visits the Lake District as often as he can. Three years ago I went with him.

When we were at the top of 'The Old Man Of Coniston' he explained to me the immense amount of tranquillity and peace that these environments evoke in him but I was too busy moaning about sore feet and being tired to understand.

When I arrived in Lampeter to begin my degree, I felt a little more than lost. It was a strange place to me, very different from London. One day I decided to have a look around town. I fell upon a handy Ordnance Survey map in the university bookshop and bought it on an impulse. It was time to explore.

The first time I set off into the hills I didn't really make it too far. I ended up knee deep in muddy water with brambles climbing too far up my legs for my liking, leaving me with several nasty cuts. It didn't take me long to realise that this terrain was not worth tackling!

The next attempt was much more successful. I decided to follow a footpath up to a site of historical significance called Castell Allt Goch.

Being one of the highest points around I was able to see the tumbling landscape collide for miles upon miles. The sunset from up here was something else. It was majestic. I stood and watched as the blazing sun sank into the horizon, igniting the darkening autumn sky, silhouetting the trees. I felt tranquil. I was at peace.

As the sun disappeared, I understood the words my Dad had spoken to me.

Music by Tired Rabit."

Chris Carbin

Please tell us a little about youself.
I am a 19 year old film and media student at the University of Wales, Lampeter. Now in my second year, and enjoying it thoroughly. I came to Lampeter from south east London. I enjoy many things ranging from going to the Pub for a couple of drinks, cooking, playing squash and basketball. My biggest passions are going on long walks and playing/listening to music.

What's your story about?
It's basically about growing up and understanding through experiences. In my younger years I was obviously told many little things about the world, just as everybody is. In these younger years however you always tend to just take no heed. This story is about me understanding something my Dad once said to me through an experience.
I chose this story because it's something I have achieved (I think its an achievement anyway!), and is very close to heart. It's something which doesn't happen very often, well for me, to completely understand someone. That someone being my Dad makes it very important to me.

What did you find most rewarding about the whole experience?
Well, it was fantastic! The group was made up of people I would never really have the chance of meeting. It was extremely interesting and entertaining to hear so many individual stories and ideas. The most rewarding factor was probably being given the chance to make my story.

Your comments

"That was incredable narration, you really put your adjectives to good use it really made me feel the tranquility." kyle stokes from canada

"A lovely story which was very well complimented by the pictures and video footage." Ellie, Lampeter.

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