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16 October 2014

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Everybody dance now!

By Charlotte Dixon
July 2003, south east Wales
A digital story from Capture Wales

Love to dance

One of Charlotte Dixon's biggest loves is ballet. Since her first lesson, she's never looked back and has gone from practising to winning awards.

"It all started when my mum arranged the first lesson. I skipped along with my brand new skirt and leotard and I have never looked back. Many girls have come and gone but I've stuck fast. Why? At first it was the image of dancing with the shoes and the costumes. I loved saying "I am a ballet dancer!" But as I grew up, it occurred to me that when I dance, I forget the small things and just think how I look and whether the steps are right.

I've been going to ballet lessons for ten years and have never wanted to give up. I used to work twice as hard at the steps if I wasn't the best in the class.

The feeling of ecstasy while I perform is overwhelming. Each exercise from beginning to end shows what I've accomplished and makes me proud.

The highlight of my dancing career was when I gained honours in my Standard 6 exam and saw the result of months of preparation finally being rewarded.

As soon as I place my feet in my shoes and tie the ribbons, I am a different person. I have no fear and the dance that I'm doing takes me somewhere different to where I've been all day.

The thrust of my pointe shoes on the floor and the smell of resin and leather of my ballet shoes will stay with me for life!"

Charlotte Dixon

What's your story about?
My story is about me and my dancing. It's about how long I've been doing it and how much I enjoy it.

Why did you choose to tell this particular story?
I wanted to show how much fun I have and a little about me.

What did you find most rewarding about the workshop?
Making the film and seeing it all come together. Although I'm quite outgoing, I found the whole experience quite nerve-racking!

This was a school workshop run in collaboration with Blast.

Your comments

"This story is cool! i never knew there was another me in wales! i cant believe it! two charlotte dixons living in south east wales... only difference is for me its ballroom and not ballet ... though i did use to do ballet! wow!!!"
Charlotte Dixon, Monmouth, Wales.

"I am a Charlotte Dixon too! Wow! I live in south-west Wales, and I LOVE tap dancing! How many Charlotte Dixons are there in south Wales that love dancing???"
Charlotte Dixon, A small village in south-west Wales.

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