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16 October 2014

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Round & Round the Masking Tape

By Angus Eickhoff
July 2007, Welshpool
A digital story from Capture Wales

"Full marks to those people who ask me to make something for them. Because they don't know what they're going to get and neither do I.

I think that's really nice in a way. There's this completely blank piece of paper starting at you and daring you to make a mark on it and so something and then it goes from there into living metal.

Most of the work is very contemporary. Design and make for specific sites from a variety of visual sources.

I remember one occasion I was designing a chandelier for a barrister's chambers in London and I was a bit stumped for an idea, so I drew round a masking tape and something came from that which was actually quite effective.

More recently I was doing another chandelier by coincidence for a house near Llanidloes and I was inspired by a painting in the Tate gallery by a French surrealist and I took it from there.

I have worked in bronze and brass previously and also in silver and gold but for the most part in architectural metalwork - forged steel.

I can't really afford my own work, that's the problem with artists really; they either wind up with quite a lot of it because they can't sell it but not because they can afford it!

Essentially decorative blacksmithing is very conservative, pushing it in different directions - it's quite difficult to be recognised I think.

I like the heat of it and I like the way it moves under the hammer and I think that's quite nice, and under the hammer you really can move a lot of metal in a short space of time.

It's actually quite a powerful tool to be able to do those things with such an intractable medium.

I'd actually like the opportunity to develop my own again which I haven't done for some years.

We shall see."

Your comments

"Absolutely love your chandelier and want it for myself. Loved seeing your 'primitive man profile' rail posts in situ - they look great! It was a great video, story well done and especially nice to see you at work." Kay Adams, Catford.

"I think Angus includes in a way or another a part of him (and his experiences, thoughts etc) in his work and every piece represents (a part of) him. An exhibition would be very interesting. The short video clip made me wish to know more about his work." Daniella, Limburg, Germany

"Well, living virtually on the same road as Angus, I am some what grateful we're over a mile apart so I don't here the sound of that big bashing thing. I am fortunate enough to sport an Eickoff by front door, a green number 9, I love it. Fabulous to see you work showcased Angus, I actually don't think you charge enough! But thats the way, it goes with us poor starving artists!" Ruth, Welshpool.

"This was a great little video clip showing just a small sample of Eickhoff's work. The story made me think that it's a pity that so little of a person's life-work comes to light and becomes incorporated into the public consciousness. It would be great if you could show more of the wonderfully imaginative pieces he has created." Josephine Squires, Kansas, USA.

"It was really interesting to hear Angus's description of his work and see some examples. I hope he gets to do some of his 'own' work soon." Vicky Jay, Devon.

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