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29 October 2014
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Digital Stories
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  • JackieHome

    Jackie Davies
    "Now I've got blue scars on my left leg."
  • HughThe Start of My Journey

    Hugh C Baker
    "A fitter with us caught his arm between a belt and a roller."
  • GillianHiraeth

    Gillian Thomas
    "Homesickness is too weak; you feel hiraeth."
  • GeraintThe Conductor

    Geraint Rhys Davies
    "If it's worth doing, it's worth doing imperfectly."
  • RoystonThe Black Socks

    Royston Hocking
    "When I was born I was blessed with ability to see evil."
  • ElsieElsie's Touch

    Denzil D John
    "I loved Elsie because she was the only one who sent us postal orders on our birthdays."
  • Suzanne's motherQue Será Será

    Suzanne De Celis
    "That was my first glimpse of our mother's background."
  • couchSparring Partners

    Susie Pratt
    "We established certain codes of conduct and territory lines."
  • SallyForced Smile

    Sally Davies
    "'Just smile naturally!' My mum's yelling as I try and force a grin for the camera.
  • HarmonySea of Smiles

    Leanne Morgan
    "In the 21st century what does an ordinary 23 year old girl do with her time? Pole- dancing?"
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About Digital Stories

Digital Stories are short, personal, multimedia scraps of TV that people can make for themselves.

They're 'mini-movies'. Desktop computers enabled with video editing software are used to synchronise recorded spoken narratives with scans of personal photographs.

This project requires commitment for, as well as all the technical stuff that must be learnt, script writing, picture editing and performance skills are also needed and these have to be worked on, which is why most Digital Stories are made by people attending workshops where participants can benefit from the help and advice of facilitators.

People of all ages and abilities make Digital Stories and many have testified how rewarding the experience is for, when their story is shared with friends and family or posted on the web, they find they have discovered a new voice.

There's a strictness to the construction of a Digital Story: 250 words, a dozen or so pictures, and two minutes is the right length. As with poetry these constraints define the form (e.g. a haiku is a poem written using 17 syllables, and the 14 lines of a sonnet are written in iambic pentameter) and it's the observation of that form which gives the thing its elegance.

Daniel Meadows, Lecturer in Participatory Media & Photography Cardiff University School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies and former Creative Director of BBC Wales Digital Storytelling.

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