Mental Health

A collection of BBC Wales archive stories gathered together for Mental Health Day.

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I'm Not a Mad-Axe Murderer!

By: Sian S, October 2005

"I can't be mad! I'm hard-working and forgiving." You wouldn't know, if you met Sian, that anything was wrong. So why must she be excluded from society?



By: Ben Davis, October 2004

"I draw myself to reaffirm who I am." A childhood of comparisons with his uncle takes on a new meaning for Ben with the revelation that he'd taken his own life.

Young girl with cat


By: Dan Jones, November 2004

"I know now that it wasn't anybody's fault." In writing a letter to his late mother, Dan shares the everyday struggles and personal dreams of his childhood.

Young male suicides in South Wales Valleys

My Thursday Blues

By: Susan Evans , September 2007

Susan's son, Alan, took his own life. In 2006 over 40 young males committed suicide in Merthyr, Bridgend and Rhondda Cynon.


Behind Closed Doors

By: Sue Groves-Phillips, January 2005

"Little by little the door began to close." Even your closest friends and neighbours can become refugees needing shelter ...


Scratching the Surface

By: Debbie Rideout, November 2001

"Have you hidden money behind the wallpaper, just to survive?" Debbie was a victim of violence. Her story tells us how she escaped the fear.


Fighting Back

By: Helen Potter, November 2001

"I felt as if my life had been crumpled up and thrown in the bin." Helen overcame mental health problems and now volunteers to help others.

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Contacts for help

The BBC Headroom campaign is a website dedicated to providing information and support about Mental Health issues.

Headroom has a dedicated number, 0800 0933 193, for anyone experiencing mental health issues themselves, concerned about a friend or family member in distress or looking for services in their local area. The number is free to call from a BT landline. Calls from other operators and mobile phone lines may incur a cost.

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