Dimension 10

Trainees at Dimension 10 produced Digital Stories as part of their six-month PGDip in Interactive Media course: a collaboration between Cyfle - the vocational training company for the film, TV and interactive media industry in Wales - interactive media SMEs and broadcasters.

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David's Grandad


By: David Morgan, July 2005

"My Grandad saw action in France, the Lower Countries and Germany."

Arwel Micah

Tyrfe Tawe

By: Arwel Micah, July 2005

"This huddle started on a drunken night, eight long months ago."

Paula Symon

There is nothing more frightening than Active Ignorance

By: Paula Symon, July 2005

"February 15th, 2003, I took to the streets and marched." Paula tells the story of her trip to London.

Gareth Ioan Davies

Looking Beyond My Lens

By: Gareth Ioan Davies, July 2005

"I thought they were weird, confusing, disruptive people."

Sam Walker

My First True Love

By: Sam Walker, July 2005

"My first true love made me a stronger person." Sam Walker's digital story from Dimension10/Cyfle.

Andrew Oakes

Sometime Soon

By: Andrew Oakes, July 2005

"My film collection has increased, as has my weight."

Anna Charity


By: Anna Charity, July 2005

"I remember how you taught me how to hold a pen."

Sian Wright

The Halloween Party

By: Sian Wright, July 2005

"Good friends will always be there, even if they do come dressed as Spiderman."

James Perry

Thank You

By: James Perry, July 2005

"I now know why I spent many an afternoon being dragged through galleries."

Robbie James

Being Uncle

By: Robbie James, July 2005

"As the family expands, so does responsibility."

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