International Day of Older People -
1 October 2009

Many say teenagers are now closer to their grandparents than ever before. A collection of stories which bust some of those outdated myths on ageing.

What does your grandad know about girls? Find out in A Day Out With Gwyn, starring Frank Kelly (from Father Ted).

Watch this and other inspirational shorts to tie in with the United Nations International Day of Older People, bringing different generations together to celebrate the opportunities, achievements and aspirations of older people and their contribution to our society and economy.

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Shirley Bourne in front of Twmbarlwm

Hill of Dreams

By: Alan Terrell, September 2009

A short film about a small but challenging personal ambition that becomes an ever-widening metaphor for hope.


A Day Out With Gwyn

By: Keri Collins and Paul West, March 2009

Gwyn is a 13-year-old boy who feels too cool to be going out for a daytrip with his grandad.

Dai and a dummy

Two Families

By: Dai Evans, June 2002

"I have two families. One in the house and one in the garage." Dai is a photographer and his story reflects his love for his two families.

Monica wrapped up warm in her campervan

Hold Fast to Dreams

By: Monica Goodrick, November 2003

"I brought back another dream: the desire to return." Monica recalls her travelling adventures in her campervan around the Scottish wilderness.

Hanne and Maurice

Walking with Maurice

By: Hanne Jones, March 2004

"But as I turned 15, I found my perfect walk." Hanne finds a soul-mate on one of her favourite walks in Wales.

Jenny, in scuba mask

Sign of the Times

By: Jenny McGregor, June 2007

"I'm going to retire from all that. I'm going to be me at last." Jenny McGregor's digital story made with a mobile phone.


My Special Grandfather

By: Matthew Ward, July 2004

"His individual character has influenced me greatly." A tribute to a very special friend and role-model.

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