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A wall mounted gas lamp

The Gas Lamp

By: Judith Stevens, 2008

"It was at this gas lamp that most of us congregated - first to play, and as we got older, just to meet and chatter."


The Miners' Struggle

By: Les Rees, November 2007

"It was the one day in the year when they brought the horses to the surface." Les tells his story about the Ferndale Carnival of 1926.

Sandra Marshall


By: Sandra Marshall, March 2007

"Since I was young I've always loved stories."

Sheila and her brother Billy

My Brother and I

By: Sheila Lewis, Septmember 2006

"We were also great swearers knowing three swear words for poo." Two bored and cheeky kids have high jinks with some unsuspecting locals.


How Tommy Became a Man

By: Thomas Dodge, February 2006

"She had this white apron and he'd put the egg there." Tommy remembers how he was only ten years old when he became a man.


Thank You

By: Olwen Clatworthy, September 2005

"At this moment, the prayers of a little girl seem so important." Olwen recalls waiting for her father's safe return from the pit in a blizzard.


Boy Bach Becomes Piggy Mochyn Pugh

By: Lesley Hall, March 2003

"Despite the blitz we felt far removed from the war in this haven of love." Lesley's memories of farm life.

Close up of a school photograph

Prague Revisited

By: Desider Golten, October 2004

"I always promised myself that I would keep in touch." The Iron Curtain made it impossible for Desider to keep his promise.

Jason reading

Parental Advice - Lighthouse Survival

By: Jason Matthews, May 2002

"Don't feed the seagulls bread and bicarb!" Jason learnt a few things growing up living in lighthouses around the coast.

Anna-Marie's name tag

Powderham Street

By: Anna-Marie McMahon, April 2005

"I used to tell people that my Mum wanted to call me Anna and my Dad wanted to call me Marie." Anna-Marie tells the story of her name.

Items 1 to 10 of 80
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