Breaking Barriers

Everybody has a voice, but not everybody is heard.

Working in community halls, drop-in centres, people's own homes and, once, even in a forest, the Breaking Barriers project aims to leave behind a legacy in each area where it operates. Key members of the community are identified and trained so that they can then help others whose voices are yet to be heard.

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David Ambrose

Second Hand Cars

By: David Ambrose, November 2006

"I began to remember what it was like to be a child again." David's life changed when his children came along.

Sonia Jones

A Remarkable Trip

By: Sonia Jones, June 2005

"I definitely found myself a new friend that day." Sonia met some interesting personalities in New Zealand.

Nicola Vaughan

I am what I am

By: Nicola Vaughan, June 2005

"You really make a difference." Nicola looks at what makes her special.

Mandy Sprague

The Gift

By: Mandy Sprague, November 2006

"She met him at a party and she knew what she was doing." Mandy tells the story of her early years.

Reg Jones


By: Reg Jones, June 2005

"We would run along the blast pipe, never seeing any danger." Reg remembers playing near to, then working at the local colliery.

Nick Hodge

How Different People See Me

By: Nick Hodge, June 2006

"How wrong they were about me." Nick challenges the view of her that others have.

Marian and Becky

The Dynamic Duo

By: Marian and Becky, November 2006

"My mother threw cheese at them, it was the only thing she could get hold of." Marian's parents reacted to her sisters wearing make up at night.

Sam Gerrard

Oops! Donna's Done It Again

By: Sam Gerrard, November 2006

"We started planning for the new arrival for October." Sam was excited about becoming an aunt.

Tina McMahon


By: Tina McMahon, April 2005

"My day starts with cold feet on my back at 6 am." Tina has a lot to do before leaving the house in the morning.

Ryan Thomas

Barking Mad

By: Ryan Thomas, June 2005

"I overcome my fear, and carry on climbing." Ryan enjoys climbing trees and wants to try rock-climbing.

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About Breaking Barriers

The Breaking Barriers project is part of a network of Digital Storytelling partners that the BBC developed across Wales between 2001-2008. Breaking Barriers offers people from all over Caerphilly County Borough the opportunity to share their stories with BBC audiences too. From one to one, to full-blown production workshops, local people from eight to eighty make short films about things that are important to them.

For further information about Breaking Barriers, you can visit their website at:

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