Escape into a Fantasy World

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"Do you want to escape into a fantasy world?" An inspirational story by Tracy who was a victim of violence but finds the strength to escape the fear and turn her life around.


"Childhood trauma can leave us washed out.
Emotionally damaged by bullies.
Raped and stripped,
Left like a bag of rags.

We need to be refreshed,
To regain what we've lost.

There is hope,
There is understanding,
There is escape and comfort.

Do you want to escape into a fantasy world?
Art and the beauty of Pembrokeshire helped me to do just that.

Times of being lost and alone,
In need,
Afraid, unsure.


A new path, a new start.

The moon is my light,
Radiant... in union with the sea and the tides.

Pembrokeshire... a place... a time to reflect.
A childhood dream, of peace and contentment.
Security and love.

To be safe.

I have become a woman complete,
Not stripped of my dignity anymore,
But clothed in a garment that's like a strong tower,
With a crown to protect my mind
Where no one can break me.

A new start.
At peace with all.
To dance with elegance as the sun rises.
I've found my feet again.


Do you want to escape to a fantasy world?
You women out there, you can all be mermaids,
You women out there, you can all be princesses.

Go buy a dress... and you might find your prince."

By: Tracy Kopjas
Published: July 2006

An interview with the author

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.
I'm an artist, actress and mother ... and like dressing up as a princess mermaid and many more outfits. I live in Pembrokeshire.

What is your story about?
It's about hope. I had been abused by many things but recovered through art and Pembrokshire. It was a lot of hard work overcoming this abuse.

What did you find most rewarding about the workshop?
People and friendship. It was a stimulating experience to do something you don't get the opportunity to do.

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