Gadget Man

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"I dreamed of one day having my name on the credits."


"I'd watch films all day if I could. I like nearly all genres of film - kung-fu, comedy, action, documentary... even romantic.

Bond movies have always been a favourite. I love all the gadgets.

I don't like horror movies. I'll get one on DVD and only watch the special features! I like to see how films are made.

I dreamt of one day having my name on the credits.

I'm now at Uni and I love it.

I've made six films so far.

One is about my sister and me. It ends with my death. She poisons me.

My most recent film involves me making a directorial debut. I decided to make a film about the Crucifixion.

Being the director was great. I enjoyed the planning, choosing the actors and most of all telling them what to do!

Best of all, like Bond, I had gadgets.

I got a proper camera stand with a wheelchair clamp and a specially designed monitor.

I was really pleased to see that I can make good films even when sitting in a wheelchair.

That makes up for some of the things I can't do.

I have lots more films to make. I might even make a scary one!"

By: Tom Evans
Published: June 2007

Your comments

"Great to see that using a wheelchair is not a limit to imagination, shame its so hard to get the gadgets to let more people try this type of thing without going to university. good luck with the next one Mr Inspiration."
Hazel, Dundee.

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