Which Witch?

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"As for the eye of the newt and leg of toad theory - scrap it!" Neil is fascinated by the contemporary world of witches and pagans.


"What some people don't realise is that witchcraft isn't all about black magic and the fact that it's part of our religion known as Paganism and it's a religion for the cycles of nature is purely forgotten. So here comes the myth that I intend to clear up. Witches don't believe in, let alone worship, the devil. Witches fly aeroplanes, not flipping brooms. Cauldrons are owned by witches but for herbal work only, not for evil doings. And as for the eye of the newt and leg of toad theory - scrap it! That is just the basics. May I add to this that witches love animals and respect nature and we do not sacrifice anything, other than our spare time!

Even little things remind me of witchcraft, like taking long walks in the woods, taking my shoes and socks off and feeling the earth with my bare feet and meditating.

So what do others think of me? Well, dare I say, there's a few people watching this thinking, "good grief, the boy's a nut!" Others let me carry on with it. Some show interest and want to know more. My mum ... well she just lets me carry on with it but she just thinks it's all a bunch of mumbo jumbo! And as for my dad ... I don't think he's noticed. But who cares! This is me!"

By: Neil Fitzgerald
Published: July 2003

An interview with the author

Please tell us a little about yourself.
I'm 14 and go to a local comprehensive school. I live in the area with my mum. My story is about witchcraft, and the truth about it.

Why did you choose to tell this particular story?
I had nothing else to tell and it is a big part of my life.

What did you find most rewarding about the workshop?
Meeting people and tampering with the computer.

This was a school workshop run in collaboration with Blast.

Your comments

"I got the whole witch persecution at my school. But it's nice to see young pagans who take it seriously. Last year I had to deal with a person in the year below who said she was going to curse people. So i told her about the three fold law, then she was scared."
Richard, Quakers Yard, Wales.

"Well done man! Good to see another young practitioner spending time outside experiencing, instead of just reading, about the Craft! PS, I had those Tarot cards as my first deck, they were a nightmare lol!"
J from Rhondda.

"Not believing in witches is like not believing in Hindus... we're all over the place :) feel free not to believe in witches as they appear in storybooks though; as Neil points out, real witches are nothing like the ones you'll see in a Disney film. Nice to see a sensible, down-to-earth, very sincere vid like this one."
Claire, Caerphilly.

"Im a wiccan so i know alot about these things. i'd say that neil made a gr8 vid and i think he'll make loads of people see us differently and no way does any wiccan or pagan belive in the devil!"
Albert Shiell, Lewes, East Sussex.

"Frank, fresh and unpretentious. Loved its directness of style and particularly Neil's Dad's not noticing. That's dads for you! Two minutes of pure gold."
Colin Gerlach, Pembrokeshire.

"Hi, just watched your video. It's good to see a teenager taking Paganism more seriously than the kids who think they're big and mess about with it. Speaking as a Pagan mum, I hope my daughter views her religion at your age with the same amount of respect. Maybe by then others will learn to give us more respect too."
Kelly Archer, Wiltshire, UK.

"Neil has a good point but I still believe witches are not real and only fly on broomsticks in fairytales. I would agree on it being researched further but I'm afraid of having my eye taken out by them."

"hey this is Neils girlfriend and i just wanted to thank the BBC for giving Neil this chance to shine, he put many hours into making this footage and i hope everyone appreciates his work, thanx!"

"neil is the man, man! give him a regular slot on bbc 2, hes wat the people want! we want witch boy!"
Ray, Newport, Wales.

"It made me look at witches in a whole different way! The theories Neil have come up with are great and should be researched further! I wish him the best in his research!"
Garth, Cwmbran, Wales.

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