A Circus Freak Accident

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"My attention was directed elsewhere ... to a large, red kennel." Arfon Jones, who had a freak accident while visiting the circus as a child, has recollections of the event that still haunts him.


"The following tale has become a mish-mash of childhood memories and recurring nightmares. I remember my mother and grandmother were taking my brother and I to the circus.

Wurlitzer Piano music in the background.

There were bright colours, the sound of children full of enthusiasm wondering what was inside the big-top. However, my attention was directed elsewhere... to a large, red kennel.

I moved closer, expecting to be greeted by a loveable circus dog, only too happy to amuse me with a trick or two.

Dark and intense music

I peered in... only to be greeted by a large head, its mouth full of sharp teeth, snapping furiously at me. I froze as the little monster bit my leg.

Cartoon yelp noise.

The sound of excitied children was broken by the echo of a crying child carried by his mother to the car, as his grandmother rowed with the disgruntled ringmaster, who placed a 'Beware of the Dog' sign next to the kennel.

No circus, just teeth marks.

Now I would love to end this tale of mine by telling you that I shortly developed the abilities of a circus dog, and now fight crime... or even, tell you that every full moon I transform into a were-circusdog.

Growling noise.

All I can do is warn you... Circus dogs are the evil that walk among us. Beware the demon that leaps through flaming hoops."

End slide - The End.

By: Arfon Jones
Published: March 2003

An interview with the author

Please tell us about yourself.
I am a Meglomanic who lives with my family in Nefyn. I founded Duck Targets Graphics inc. in 1999. I have dedicated my life to the art of animation and comics. I am a connoiseur of cartoons, bad horror films and classic comedy.

Did you choose a classic in your own story?
I chose to portray the time I was bitten by an evil circus dog and the effects that followed in my own way. It always seems to delight people when I share my trauma. It's a personal story that not many people can relate to. I am yet to meet other 'recovering' circus dog victims.

What did you find the most rewarding about the workshop?
Seeing my drawings come to life, even a blink can add so much depth to an image. I also found the reaction of the audience very rewarding.

Your comments

"Your drawings are truly inspirational Arfon, You have an amazing eye for detail.hee hee on the circus fiasco ..."
Kate jones Llanbedrog.

"Scary stuff!!!!"
Fred Herring from Wrexham.

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