Cycling Mad

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"I truly believe that cars are evil. I am a cyclist."


"I have an interesting relationship with my bicycle. I bought it at great expenses about six years ago. It's moved four times with me and I've spent a fair bit of money keeping it serviced.

I've even ensured that I can get my laptop to my place of work. But therein lies the rub. I believe in saving the planet. I truly believe that cars are evil. I am a cyclist - but only in my head.

In those six long years I've only ridden my bike three times and only once in Cardiff. When I took it for its last service, I thought the bike man was going to cry. I thought he was going to confiscate it as punishment for being an unfit owner.

Every morning I think, "I'm going to cycle today", but I can usually find an excuse.

I don't always drive, but walking through the park I'm taunted. Everywhere I look there are reminders of how I should be or could be getting to work and just as fast as going by car.

But I am determined. The forecast's looking good for the rest of the week. I'll cycle in tomorrow."

By: Anna Roberts
Published: June 2007

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