Musical theatre

Connie Fisher on stage with children

A song and dance

From Maria to the Phantom, how Welsh stars have brought song to the stage.

BBC Drama

Tragedy and comedy masks

Centre stage

From The Archers to EastEnders, explore the BBC's programmes.

Performing Arts Fund

Person standing in spotlight

Supporting new talent

Helping aspiring music-makers and performers.

TV & Radio Programmes

  1. 1/5. It's 1945 and the Allies are certain to win the war. Then an unidentified aircraft appears
  2. 1/6. Can a stolen library book lead to the reinvention of dragons?
  3. Helen feels confused.
  4. 1/5. As Pushkin prepares to fight a duel, his wife begs him to tell her his most famous story. (R)
  1. Available to watch
    Mae Mark mewn penbleth. Mark is confused.
  2. Available to watch
    Mae cyflwr Hywel yn dirywio. Hywel loses consciousness.
  3. Available to watch
    Mae Ffion, Gaynor a Jinx ar bigau wrth aros. Gaynor, Jinx and Ffion wait anxiously.
  4. Available to watch
    Mae Ffion ar gyfeiliorn. Ffion is distraught.

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