Harbour View Road and Arcot Street, Penarth

Filming schedule

The Sound Of Drums: filmed 20 February 2007
The Stolen Earth/Journey's End: filmed 13 March 2008

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The Sound Of Drums: Harbour View Road

Clip taken from Doctor Who: The Sound Of Drums, starring David Tennant as the Doctor, Freema Agyeman as Martha Jones and John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness.

Episode synopses: The Sound Of Drums/Last Of The Time Lords

Original BBC One broadcast: Saturday 23 June and Saturday 30 June 2007
Director: Colin Teague
Starring: David Tennant as the Doctor

The Stolen Earth/Journey's End

Original BBC One broadcast: Saturday 28 June and 5 July 2008
Director: Graeme Harper
Starring: David Tennant as the Doctor

Harbour View Road in Penarth was first glimpsed in the episode The Sound Of Drums when Martha Jones did some fancy driving in an attempt to reach her mum's house by car. The silver Vauxhall Corsa super-mini was the focus of attention for a lot of work on Tuesday 20 February 2007 as director Colin Teague captured action sequences as part of the series' concluding showdown between the Doctor and his Time Lord arch enemy, the Master.

Stunt superviser Tom Lucy had assessed the driving skills of Freema Agyeman, and was happy to let the actress perform several of the action sequences herself rather than use a driving double for Martha. "The day that I did the stunt driving is practically one of my all-time favourite days," Freema told BBC Three's Doctor Who Confidential who were on hand to cover all the action.

A year later and the BBC crew was back, this time staging a night shoot in the Portway area on Thursday 13 March 2008 for the two-part season conclusion, The Stolen Earth and Journey's End. This saw the Daleks out on location for the first time since the return of Doctor Who in 2004.

While director Graeme Harper's key scene for the night was the shooting of the Doctor by a Dalek on the nearby intersection of Paget Road and Queen's Road, Arcot Street itself was the venue for when Captain Jack teleported into the roadway and quickly disposed of a Dalek. The area was also the backdrop for Sarah Jane leading Mickey Smith and Jackie Tyler in surrendering to the Daleks.

Episode synopses: The Sound Of Drums/Last Of The Time Lords

The Doctor, Martha Jones and Captain Jack manage to escape from the planet Malcassairo at the end of time and return to present day London. It is election day, and to their horror they realise that the new Prime Minister, Harold Saxon, is none other than the Doctor's Time Lord arch enemy the Master. Driven insane by a beating noise in his head, the Master embarks on a plan to dominate the Earth with his new allies, the Toclafane.

Episode synopses: The Stolen Earth/Journey's End

Warned of terrible events by Rose Tyler, the Doctor and Donna Noble return to Earth in the TARDIS just as the entire planet is teleported away, becoming one of a number of missing worlds transported to the Medusa Cascade. Aided by his former travelling companions, the Doctor discovers that the Daleks are behind the terrible events, and again comes face to face with the alien's creator - the scientist Davros.

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  • Region : South east Wales

How to get here

Harbour View Road and Arcot Street are in the heart of Penarth, situated near the waterfront and harbour.

By train: The nearest railway station is Dingle Road. Change at Penarth or Cardiff Central.

By car: exit the M4 at junction 29 onto the A48(M) toward Cardiff. Continue for two and a half miles before taking the exit toward Cardiff/Docks. Turn left at Eastern Avenue. At the roundabout take the second exit onto Newport Road, go through one roundabout and turn left at Fitzalan Place. At the roundabout take the first exit onto A4232; at the next roundabout take the second exit, then the ramp to Cardiff Bay and turn left at A4055.

(If travelling east, exit the M4 at junction 33 towards Cardiff/Barry/Penarth. At the roundabout take the third exit onto A4232 heading to Cardiff/Barry, taking the A4055 ramp to Barry/Penarth. At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto A4055.)

Then take a slight left at Cogan Hill and at the roundabout, take the second exit onto Cogan Hill and continue to follow. At the roundabout, take the first exit onto Plassey Street and turn left at Plassey Square.

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