The Bobinogs: Nib, Bobin and Ogi

Last updated: 20 March 2009

"We're a group of friends, we're in a band too and through our Bobinoculars, we can see you!

"'Cos we need your help, when things go wrong. When we've found some answers, we'll sing you a song!"

The Bobinogs are an animated trio of bobble-hatted toys that have magical, musical adventures. Nib (the singer), Bobin the keyboard player and Ogi, the drummer, live in a bobble hat that is owned by schoolboy Owen.

The three musical friends spring to life when Owen's not around and using their wise binoculars, the 'Bobinoculars', explore how things work in the real world. Each 15 minute episode ends with a song and a dance to reflect on what the Bobinogs have learnt.

Other characters that take part in the Bobinogs' adventures include Olly and Molly Mindybob, Mamgu and Fireman Prout.

Behind the scenes

Aimed at pre-school children aged three to five years old, the programme introduces social skills as the characters look at everyday social situations that Owen encounters such as making friends and conquering nerves.

The Bobinogs first appeared on television screens during 2003. This first English-language programme for pre-schoolers was produced for BBC Wales by Siriol, the makers of Welsh favourites SuperTed and Fireman Sam.

The programmes strongly focus on developing children's personal, social and emotional development. Each programme features a situation where the friends learn that it's 'good to share', or 'important to listen to each other'.

Through the use of the 'Bobinoculars', a cartoon binocular character who offers clues about the workings of the adult world, the programme stimulates children's knowledge and understanding of the world.

The Bobinogs website on BBC Wales has many interactive features and activities, as well as a sing-a-long jukebox


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