Artes Mundi 2008

Artwork by NS Harsha

Last updated: 08 October 2009

The third Artes Mundi prize was won by Indian artist NS Harsha, who was awarded £40,000.

The shortlisted artists in 2008 were:

The selected artists' work debated many of today's big issues. Man's destruction of the environment, AIDS' destruction of man and the problems of marginalised societies were just three of the issues reflected upon.

The Artes Mundi 3 Exhibition opened on 15 March 2008 at the National Museum Wales, Cardiff.

Read more on the competition, exhibition and prize, or explore the work of 2008's shortlisted artists.

Lida Abdul

Afghan artist fusing Western formalism with aesthetic traditions.

Vasco Araújo

Exploring notions of community and marginality.

Mircea Cantor

Romanian artist using multi-sensory techniques to amplify his work's emotional resonance.

Dalziel & Scullion

Scottish artists who question people's experience in the living world.

NS Harsha

Indian artist creating paints, large scale installations and community projects.

Abdoulaye Konaté

Malian artist whose work is a powerful commentary on political and environmental affairs.

Susan Norrie

Australian artist who has worked on environmental themes for over two decades.

Rosângela Rennó

Brazilian artist creating novel and transformative photographic productions.

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