Anthony Hopkins interview: Hearts In Atlantis (2001)

Promotional image from Hearts In Atlantis

Interview by Ben Falk; previously published on BBC Movies.

Last updated: 27 November 2008

Anthony Hopkins stars in the Stephen King adaptation of Hearts in Atlantis, which features the Welshman as a mysterious stranger who befriends a young boy. We sat down for a chat in Los Angeles.

How did you find working with the child lead Anton Yelchin?

I never started acting that young, I was in my late twenties, so what amazed me with Anton was his astounding intelligence, because when I was that age, I could hardly put two words together.

Do you believe in the supernatural aspects of the movie?

Absolutely, I believe anything. There's so much in our daily existence that is a mystery. Why are we here? I have no idea, it all seems very dreamlike as I get older.

You're the big star of this film. How does it feel to be the name above the title?

I don't want to be aware of it, although I must tell my agent and get him to give me more money. I've got an analogy: you're driving through Texas or California and in the distance you see little hills and when you get there, you've forgotten you've actually arrived there and you look back and there's a long road behind you. That, to me, is life. So, whenever my name's about the title, it's a big surprise. I never knew it would happen - but sneakily, I hoped it would.

Tell us about "Red Dragon", the prequel to "The Silence of The Lambs" which you're filming at the moment?

Ed Norton is in it which I'm really pleased about. Ed plays Hannibal's nemesis, Agent Will Graham. I think he's a phenomenal actor.

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