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29 October 2014
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Accents: An actor's approach
Writing accents
Directing with accents
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Street and Lane: Accents and radio drama


table top
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ARTHURThey'd not notice if they were Lincolnshire blue, mood they're in. He wants patio to escape from her and she wants it as somewhere to hide his body.
GNMWhat's tha want to fettle on wi this erejobsworth then kiddos? I dun't know abart thee but this afternooin I've got fotty-eight sacks of that theerclatter toshift on darn ronksely rowad an I can't plonkere with your two like souse na then can I?
JOHNNYWhat's he saying now?
ARTHURSays he's a bit short on time because he's got a quantity of goods not specified which he has to deliver this afternoon to -
JOHNNYWe'll risk it. Tell him to offload em and we'll barrow em round.
ARTHURStashemfrontand blockkid.
GNM(LEAVING) Ok. Will do. See you people later then. Bye.
JOHNNYI knew it. Sheer affectation.
ARTHUR(TO GNM) Seethi nathen kiddermi owd.


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