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29 October 2014
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'Booze' is an anglicised version of the word 'busen', borrowed from the Dutch term meaning to 'drink to excess'.

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Street and Lane: Accents and radio drama

The following script is an extract from BBC Radio 4 comedy 'Street and Lane'. In episode one, 'Patio Marital', South Yorkshire builders Street and Lane take on a patio job at the home of warring couple, Christine and Tom Rose.

Try having a go at Great North Man's (GNM) accent yourself, then hear how actor Gerard McDermott performed the role.


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JOHNNYAh the man himself.
ARTHURNow that is dirt
GNMNarthenmiowdclarteerds. Hasthagotthee sensupanstarted all reight sithee.Soz furmi retard.
JOHNNYTranslate Arthur
ARTHURHe's sorry he's late. Job's been stood without you Eddie Got the slabs?
GNMNathensqireose, ahve hit a spot of cobblers on yon tranklements. Tha sees I wur at deepo yustdee afternooin fut thy clatter but they wasleet art on Moroccan brahn so I had tur fettle fort yon buggars art front ont wagon else nowt at all if tha follersmi drift.
ARTHURHe says yesterday afternoon, he was unable to locate the required slabs of Moroccan brown we ordered so he had to bring stones of a substitute colour and they are out the front on his lorry.
JOHNNYClient is not going to be pleased. Tell him to try Dodds Brothers.

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