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29 October 2014
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95% of people in Northern Ireland think of themselves as having a moderately strong accent, compared to only 63% of people in the east of England.
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Languages other than English: asset or encumbrance

56% of people who took part in the poll believe that speaking more than one language is helpful in getting a good job in the British Isles.

Over two-thirds of respondents claimed that they hear more languages nowadays than they used to, but 22% said that they dislike hearing languages other than English. A fifth believe that in general we have become less tolerant of hearing a variety of languages.

In Wales, where English and Welsh are legally equal, bilingualism was seen as even more of a benefit than in the rest of the UK. Two-thirds of those who took part in the poll in Wales believe that a second language is helpful when it comes to getting a good job. Just 16% of Welsh respondents said they did not like hearing languages other than English.

In Wales...bilingualism was seen as even more of a benefit than in the rest of the UK

Throughout the UK, the vast majority of multilingual respondents (84%) are glad they can speak languages other than English.

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