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23 September 2014
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About this interview
Friends Four women friends in Wrecsam discuss family life, language and accents.

Buddug Morgan, Pamela Jones, Ann Humphreys, Stella Roberts,

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Relationship of interviewees: Friends, two of them cousins

Where: Ponciau, Wrecsam (Wrexham)

Language of interview: Welsh
About this interview
Voice clip 1
Pamela Jones decribes a Christmas dinner that went wrong. (TRANSLATION) Pamela Jones: The only story I remember, erm . . . I was invited now to my friends house for Christmas dinner, and she hadn't been long married, gosh, and she'd arranged the tablecloth and the posh things... everything matching, and the chicken now, was brought to the table, and she asked him, would he come and slice the chicken. Everybody sat there now, and he took the knife and sliced the chicken, and something popped out from the chicken's backside, I might say. . . and the bag, and the giblets, and the lot had been cooked in the chicken! (Stella speaks) Oh! That's a good one! (Buddug speaks) Was the bird okay was it? Did you eat it? (Pamela speaks) Well, we ate it (Buddug speaks) Did you? (Pamela speaks) We didn't have a choice did we? (Stella speaks) You weren't ill afterwards were you? (Pamela speaks) Well no, (Buddug speaks) The giblets! (Pamela speaks) And she was crying in the back because it had happened. (Stella speaks) Yes! Yes! After all the preparation, yes . . . Poor thing!

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Stella Roberts, Retired teacher and headmistress
Stella recounts an entertaining story from her childhood, involving a misunderstood English phrase.
Interview's notes

Long description of interview: The group is four women friends, obviously comfortable in each others' company. They greatly enjoy reminiscing about the past and discuss their families and own individual experiences, as well as taking an interest in issues to do with their language and accents.

Recorded by: Ceri Elen, Radio Cymru

Date of interview: 2004/11/13



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Foreign Language Syndrome occurs when people with brain injuries lose the ability to talk in their native accent. After a stroke, George Reynolds developed an Italian accent.
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