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29 October 2014
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Somali today
The history of Somali
Names and writing system

More about Somali

The writing system
Since 1972, Somali has been written using the Roman alphabet, but with the letters following the same order as in Arabic. Sounds peculiar to Somali are represented by two letter combinations or by assigning new values to existing letters.

Dhallinyaro badan oo rag iyo dumarba leh ayaa iyana jeclaystay inay bartaan sida loo duulo. Markaasaa dadku ku yidhaahdaan, "Oo maxaa isuga dayi weydeen inaa barataan? Samadu weli waa weyntahay waana sarraaysaa."
Somali names
Somalis use Islamic personal names followed by their father's and grandfather's names. Women usually keep their own family names on marriage.
Personal nameFamily name
FatherOmar ElmiDihoud
MotherWaris AbdiDuale
SonAli Omar Elmi
DaughterRoda Omar Elmi
By the age of five, most children can recite the names of male family members in their father's line for up to seventeen generations.


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