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29 October 2014
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Croatian/Serbian today
The history of Croatian/Serbian
Names and writing system

More about Croatian/Serbian

The writing system
Links between ethnic and religious identity are also reflected in the choice of writing system. The Catholic Croatians use only the Roman script. Although significant numbers of Bosnians are Muslim, having converted to Islam at the time of Turkish rule in the fifteenth century, most identify with Croatian and also use the Roman script.

Mala kuća kamena
sa tri mala prozora:
zeleni im kapci
i krov sav od plamena
a na krovu vrapci
Eastern Orthodox Serbs make use of both a modified Cyrillic alphabet and a modified Roman script. Serbian writingCroatian, Serbian and Muslim names
Names throughout the former Yugoslavia consist of two elements: a personal name followed by a family name. Children take their father's family name; women usually take their husband's family name on marriage. Both personal and family names can give clues to ethnic and religious origins.


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