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15 October 2014

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Jennifer loathes cyclists

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By Jennifer Grimshaw
Jennifer has just had a bad experience and is furious. She stepped out from the kerb when the lights changed and a cyclist nearly ran her over. She hates cyclists - they are selfish, arrogant and think pedestrians should defer to them. Well, she thinks they should have licences just like car drivers and should be fined if they break traffic regulations. She hates them.

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Kenneth Minors.
Rowland Cleverley makes the same excuse cyclists always make for pavement cycling - dangerous roads. Then if they're so concerned about safety, why do they jump lights, do wheelies in the road, carry no lights after dark, ride with heavy bags swinging from the handlebars (sometimes hanging down below the rim of the wheel), ride without hands or while smoking or swigging from a can, and so on. We see this sort of behaviour every day. The "dangerous roads" excuse is worn out - cyclists themselves are the most irresponsible and arrogant road users around now. Time to bring them under strict control.

Rowland Cleverley
As usual, paint everyone with the same brush. I cycle but never cycle on paths or go through red lights. However, I do understand when cyclists do cycle on paths, especially children. Where else do they cycle on our potentially dangerous roads; certainly not on those pathetic excuses for cycle lanes, some of which have no benefit and are only a few metres in length. Jenifer Grimshaw talks of bringing our cycling laws in line with the continent. Fine, as long as we have their standard of cycle lanes and the other benefits which the cycle 'culture' enjoys on mainland Europe.

Roger Wilson
I sympathise with Christine Chalmers, but if you do get knocked down, how will you know who to sue? We clearly need a registration and number plate scheme for cyclists, like we do for motor vehicles. That will cost money, so simply work out how much per bicycle and charge the cyclists that much.

Jack Morgan
I agree with Christine Chalmers. If any other road users - motorcycle, car, or even pedestrian - went around behaving as these cyclists do, they'd soon be in trouble. These cyclists are arrogant, they sneer at the rules, and view the police with contempt. Why on earth are they allowed to get away with it?

Tom Bates
I'm tired of pedestrians complaing on and on about pavement cyclists. If you feel in any danger from them, if they constitute a menace to you, carry a stick and use it to defend yourself. They pose a threat - knock them off! Self-defence is an inalienable right in this country; stop moaning and use it!!

Jack Smith
Just today, I was about to pull out from a junction (lights green in my favour) when a cyclist zoomed across on red, and on the pavement. I sounded my horn to make him aware of my presence, and what did I get? Two fingers! I am a solid six foot two, and generally very good-natured, but frankly this kind of behaviour makes me feel like misbehaving. Cyclists are the most vocal and selfish group of people on the roads, always whining about their "rights" and demanding more and more. I can see good manners and common courtesy are no currency with cyclists, expecially the lycra-shorted, silly-hatted ones. So that's it. The next one that makes a rude sign when I am simply doing my duty by the Highway Code, will get his nose flattened

Christine Chalmers
I am irated about cyclists on the pavement and footpaths! These are the ONLY PLACES OF SAFETY for pedestrians. It now seems that pedestrians are a safety threat to cyclists. What about little children running safely - away from wheels? Did you know people have been killed by cyclists? Why isn't the law enforced with regard to cyclists? I have debilitating health, over 60, hearing going, hips in trouble. No eyes in the back of my head! If the police don't do something about it and I get run down, I will sue, and take all normal, reasonable action to protect my safety, as decreed by common law.

Malachy McAnespie (Northern Ireland)
In concentrating facilities directed to the advantage of heads down assertive cyclists(Sustrans), the Government have slowed down traffic and increased snarl ups and pollution. Since most journeys are short ones there should be more dedicated cycle paths within the small suburb and village context, and facilities to make it easy to move between public transport and bicycle.

Jennifer Grimshaw
2.00 mins
07 Oct 1996
Video Nation UK
England - London

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