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15 October 2014

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Alex feels she can express herself better through the clothes she wears.

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By Alex Sherman
Alex loves being herself. She dresses the way she does because she likes the clothes and not to get attention. She feels she can express herself better through what she wears.


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Your thoughts about this video


I hate it when people think that all gothic styled people dress like that for attention or so that all the other 'goths' will like them. I have quite a lot of gothic clothing but I usually wear it at home. I have very little self-esteem, but wearing my gothic clothing and make up makes me feel a bit better about my self-image as I feel that it makes me look better. I certainly have no 'goths' who I want to impress, because there simply isn't any 'goths' any where near where I live. I wear my clothes because I like the style and wearing them makes me feel better about myself, it's not to be individul, nor to attract attention (positive or negative).

OMG i love the hair. very nice dtyle... Im the same...Be your self...

when you be who you wanna that takes character and thats something we all need

It is august 2005 and although some bits have changed she still dresses that way, has bright red hair and facial piercing that make me cringe but it is how she likes to be and i bet i made my mother cringe with my fashions(and my dad for those wide belts) It is hard to believe that people starred at us and we all looked alike. The 70's were best, everyone wore what they liked and nobody cared. That was the main thing that nobody minded . People should be able to wear what they want without recrimination and just get along with each other.
Alex's Mum

i dont like what u wear u look like a goth but thats ur own style and thats my opinion thats ok ur style is weird

Hi. My name is alex and I live in Australia. I wrote my name in google and found this sight. At first, I didn't care bout this, but then it was just so cool the way all people dress how they feel. I get the latest clothes, sometimes, if they r uncumfortable i wont wear em. I think some people (mostly girls) r too worried if someone will call them fat or ugly. I think i am both but I dont care and i wear what i want, even if its pizza.

Just coz u dress tlike that dont mean ur better then ppl dat dress different to u and u probly fink dat out 'sort' dresses weird well we fink dat ur 'sort' dresses weird so evry1 just dress how u want to dress and dont make a big show and dance out of it !

I think Alex you are wonderful. It is a time in your life when you can be creative and it is OK. Try doing that when you are my age, 60 and people would just think I was a saddo. Oh well - I would like to dare to be different. Perhaps you could give me some tips. Keep it up Alex - get even more creative.

i think dis sam chick is rite ya noe i wouldnt personali wear the clothes she wears but then again she wouldnt wear mine eiva so ya noe we all av dif tastes nd we should b able 2 express dem u get me. i fink all u lil wanna b ganstas callin her a wanna b r jus lil neeks jus coz u r da wanna bs jus leave it stop da beefin xxxxxxble$$xxxxxxx

all my mates and family say that they like my gothic fashion which is really cool,its just that people who've never met me before are scared of me.i think people shouldnt judge me by my sense of style its the personality that counts.

hey, i'm glad that your happy dressing that way and i really love your clothes...i am a goth but i need way more stylish clothes and i don't own a corset yet :( i really really want one!! the only thing i will say that isn't very nice,just being honest is that i don't really think you suit your hair like that too much purple i think but oh well it's up to you what you do with your hair but i was just giving you my opinion!!

I don't see why other people want 2 judge other people! if alex wants to dress like a goth let her she looks cool!

it annoys me that people like alex have a uniform. you see people like that hang around in groups wearing the same clothes.ive known people who dress like that and criticise me for not dressing the same. thsi goes against the whole idea of individuality and open-mindness. your just another group looking for the next bandwagon.i dont feel the need to dress up to feel different.can you not express your differences in being creative?

you rock!!i like your clothez n u yourself are kinda cool girl ! bring yourself,, when the mainstream is not in your side, you can just ignore it ! >V<:>

go 4 it! its no 1 elses business. what u wanna wear iz what u wanna wear.

you also state that your mother bought you your clothes.. where is the individuality in that?

I'm sorry, but gothic isnt around anymore. it hasnt been for a long time, people have lost the meaning for it and it has just become all about the fashion. so your saying you didnt copy anyone with your look? Brian Warner (a.k.a Marilyn Manson) didnt create his look, yet you look up to him, you are contradicting yourself, you dont like people copying you, but what are you doing? Trent from NIN made his look, and Manson doesnt even personally like it, it's just a stage persona. I live on the other side of the world and they all look the same as you. the little teenygoths that walk around thinking that they are "00ber goth" it makes me sick. I'm from the era were gothic started, and there will no longer be gothic and there is no longer gothic. it's just a fashion craze now and everybody is doing it to look cool. Are you even old enough to get into goth nightclubs? how did you hear about Marilyn Manson, Cradle Of Filth, The Cure, NIN etc? you must have heard it from somebody else. Dont critise people for copying you when you do it as well. You didnt come up with that look, neither did I, so stop pretending you did and the world would be a better place. thankyou Alex. p.s wear your extensions higher on your head, they look silly drapping down. also, dont be afraid of negative feedback. if you didnt want opinions, you shouldnt have asked for them.

i dont get trying to be individual... i tried i failed because there are more people now trying to be individual, than there are normal, so in theory i figured, wouldnt it be more individual to not be an individul and just be strange little ole' me in my little bubble that is my life....?

My name is alex sherman and it is so weird having other people have ur name!!!!!!

i respect the way u dress and if u like it fair enuf but surely, ur a teenage gurl...ur ment to be feminine !!! ur very pretty and i think tht if u looked more natural, you'd b a total heartbreaker i mean jus dye ur hair 1 colour dress casual (jeans etc) lighter make-up and im sure u will see the difference

i think that people like goths are just looking for attention they dont have to dress like that i think they just want some attention also goths say they dont like it when people stare but i think they love it

i'm incredibly different, i'm indevidual. but i don't dress any different. i think ur making a huge deal about being different when ur not really that different. i know alot of people who dress in similar ways. but hey, if the bbc aproched u, then to hell with it.

I didn't see the video but I think it's good that Alex and other people that feel like her about expressing themselves can dress like this if they want to. Although It isn't completley individual and she does fall into a category, let people wear what they want to, it doesn't make a difference to our lives so why should we care?

i think people like that do dress to impress. they want to stand out so people can notice them
charlene stirling

i think that what all the other people are saying about you is wrong because we are in the same situation here and if people can't accept that then let them get on with their sad lives and enjoy yours.what rachel is saying is stupid and i think that she is too much of a wannabe herself to think that people can't be creative and individual in their own ways. ps lurve the new rocks sooo 'creative'.

People who have a problem with the way you chose to be probably have more problems with themselves, so they just reflect this onto people who don't fit in the 'norm'

I know I'm a little late in this topic, heh heh but here goes. I personally do not believe in the whole "goth" look... "Goth" is a type of architecture not a style that people live their lives by. However, I used to be what they call a "goth" and I'll tell it did feel good to be like that, the feeling of being able to take a stand against all the other "clones" in the world... but sadly this world is cruel and beats down anyone who stands out of line with the "clones". It's hard to get a job when you are you. To make in this world you just have to suck it up sometimes and be "one of them". It's harsh and I've been there... Good luck to you lassie... Maybe you won't have to "stand in line" like I do.

i havent seen the video but i can see that lots of ppl agree wiv u and so do i. i'm wat u might call a "townie".i wear skirts and fashionable clothes and my fave band of all time is mcfly. but i also like bands such as good charlotte, linkin park, greenday and blink 182. i am only 15 years old and i have quite a few friends who are "moshers" and they're all gr8 ppl so i say wear wat u want and dnt let other ppl get u down! x

alex, i am a teen and i no wot ur goin thru ryt now, i no i went thru stages like that 2, u prob herd dis from so many ppl n u might fink dat dis is a load of shit, but it aint. i respect that u express your personality through your clothing, and i no how ppl wud stare at you on the streets or intown, i no i bin thru n i totally agree wid u, ignore dem, if ur happi wis urself, u dnt need 2 impress any1 wid how u dress, b urself. u r beautiful in ur own wai.and plz remeber u r not alone, there are hundreds of teens jus lyk u, or even not as luki as u. i wish u the very best of luk and dnt let any1 chnge u, be urself. jo xx

you could say i was a bit of a grunger and i get no stick for it,at least someone is standing up for what they believe in, i am not sure abotu the attention thing because i think u are having a lot of opinions based on top of u alex and this brings attention to you and probably things about you that people dont really care about maybe if u didnt make that video but wrote about how u feel and not how u dress then people would understand u more, thats what i personally think anyway i understand u n this chris fisher guy is probably right about u but u know what i mean, get over urself man, ur probably a really nice person but get over urself, ur no more special than u n me, time to realise that u are far from 1 in a million

You said yourself "I like thoses clothes 'cause it's unusual stuff, you can express yourself"....Unusual in reference to what? To others'? Express yourself to whom? Others!

Dear me, you people obviously have the wrong idea about me. I was approached by the BBC to do this, not the other way around, and in fact if i am a wannabe, then why am i an established and well known alternative? Get yourself a bit of knowledge please, and do grow up. Insults aren't big or clever.
Alex Sherman

Why are people on this bored making Alex out to be so individual,aprrox 1/3 of teens are alternative (e.g. Goth,Skater,Grunger,Hippy) So really I don't think Alex should be a sell out and make a video saying how individual she is.

Wannabes annoy me soooo much its unbleiveable. The girl in the film has the same new rocks as me apart from i didnt put pieces of pink string in them and mine arnt shiny.

My name is Alex Sherman, I'm from Pennsylvania and I just typed my name into and got this page. NIFTY!
Alex Sherman

Sort urself out love

The idea of individuality is a myth, and only a recently established discourse into thinking about ourselves. By dressing/looking different you may be expressing yourself as a different person than from the sheep, however, to do this 100% is virtually impossible. The clothes people wear, even if they do not conform to fashion trends of the time, are more than likely going to be mass produced, and so cannot be said to be individual. The notion that we have a 'choice' about what combinations we can wear is also made to seem natural: we have grown up thinking capitalism is normal, and that we have a choice into what we can wear...but hang on...we still have to buy something mass produced. We are all slaves to the wage. Think Different. Dress how you will, but think different. Peace out.
Danny Wong

Im sorry but you clearly are an attention seeker, you want to be unique, i know someone just like u, a goth who lacks in most departments and so tries to make up by wearing extravagent things. pathetic
Chris Lark

I didn't see the video, but I am also a goth. Personally I dress the way I do because I am happy doing so. It's not to impress or to shock, its just so i can be me.
Justin Timberlake is evil

God said: "I can't see you walking in those shoes when ur forty." Why not?

I wasn't able to see the video but I love this fashion and its a wonderful thing to be able to be u'rself and express that in what u wear... I am different and love to express it but the first move I make toward "unnormal" fashion the parentals take away my car! Can't survive without that I tried to convince them but that was a no go. It's really sad when parents don't let their teenagers express themselves.

You inspired me more then what I've already been, I hate those ppl who don't like to be themselves. One of my biggest pet peeves is ppl who copy others just because they dont know how to act like themselves.

I know these messages have to approved! U can tell because most of them up there are all positive! U shud post all types of thoughts even negative ones.
Gods little brother

Your dress code is an issue because it scares little kids! Can't u tone it down. It's not about being original anymore cuz u all look the same! It's just a phase u teenagers go through! I cant see you walking in those shoes when ur forty!

People who dress for attention are very very irritating? So is your eyeliner. Big deal. They try to copy you? The clothes in the video are cliche to say the least. It wouldn't be hard to copy you. Every other sp00kykid who feels the have something to say, and feel they are somehow more intelligent/better than the masses.. they all look the same. Bad eyeliner, new rocks, trenchcoat. I've seen it all before. But if you like the clothes, fair enough. stay beautifulx

I know what it is like to be "different" the video needed to be longer people need to see a whole day and a life to see how it really is. Where I live I can't even walk down my road without something being said, it's hard to be about different in this very narrow minded little world!

hey I see myself as a fairly originaly person round my end which is gud coz no one copies u but everyone feels i'm wot they call 'elitest' meaning il only talk to ppl that are 100% like me the alternitive community down where i live near liverpool is just pop punkers, ska punkers, and SxE hardcore fans... me personally like black metal which no one seems to like in my musical community, and so wen i tryed to make a black metal band it sunk like a stone. my point being its not nice having ppl blaitently copying u but its nice to have ppl to relate too. as im trying to get a musical career going im forced to play music that isn't 100% appelaing to me but hey its a start, but u cant guess which ones me *sarcasm*

Hi, I go to school with Alex and am in her year. She is a really friendly, open person and is much more interesting to talk to than a lot of the shallow, 'flat personality' girls that make up the numbers at school. She was welcoming and unguarded when I met her for the first time and I wish that more people at school were like that because it makes you feel good to meet someone kind. I love her image and really respect her for having such a strong identity. I agree that it can be annoying when people imitate you because they want people to treat them how you are treated, but people can usually tell if they are genuine or not and if they are worth taking knotice of or not. If you read this Alex, it is all a compliment (don't worry, I'm not a stalker!). See you at school. Chris Fisher.
Chris Fisher

Don't let nybody get u down, u r right, ignore all the stupid trendies in the world.
Goth (Sam)

Go for it, dress how you like and don't let people give you stick for it. See you at the next Marilyn Manson show
Alex Sherman

Yeah I think you r right. I always wanted to express myself for me and wear quirky things. I hate all the people who are fakes and think they are original for what they wear. I'm comfortable and happier when I dress the way I want and I 100% understand where you are coming from.

I understand the way you feel. My Mom won't let me dress that way even though it's how I want just because I'm a Christian.

Yet alex still falls into a category. I know so many people who dress exactly the same as her and all think they're different. I do however find some people who fall in this category quite arrogant. Just because you dress differently to most doesn't make you better than anyone. But if they're happy then that's all that matters, right?

Too right, dress however the hell you want to! But I don't think you should put down people who you think are just doing it for the attention. People did that to me in the beginning, and they didn't believe I was serious. It's quite upsetting when people think you're fake, but now they do know that I'm serious with the way I dress, make-up I wear, the way I act and what music I listen to

I dress the same because I luv the clothes and the music and Alex is totally right. Don't let anyone get u down.
Daisy also a Goth

I totally agree with you Alex. Why try to be something you really aren't, when you can be perfectly happy as yourself. To be honest I used to try to follow the crowd but I was completely useless at it and got bullied because of that fact. When I stopped and started being myself people started looking up to me and I feel far more comfortable.

I loved da way she dresses she is da bomb! I wish I was dat brve to dress like her

I agree with the girl and what people have said. I dress the way I do because that's who I am and wouldn't want be any differnt. There are many stereotypes who think people should only dress in the *normal* way but what is the *normal* way? I believe normal is what's normal to you so if someone out there if having difficulty in dressing the way they want because of these insensitive ppl just ignore them. You are the only one who can be true to yourself, not them.
Jus lil ol' me

I am one of Alexs friends and I feel the same way. I think she a great friend and I sort of dress the same.
Carmen Smith

I think everyones too caught up in this whole "I have to be different and make people hate me" thing. I dress how I want, if people are annoyed by it ,ok, and I'm sorry. I'm not gonna change but im not going to shout at them and call them stupid . Whats the point. Also this girl says like "I have to be different". If you wear what you want good for you but dont flaunt it like your the greatest.
Evillia Grim

You are the girl. Express youself the way you want to, don't let any one get you down about the way you dress. You are one of the beautiful people. XX
Steve Wild

Nice video...:-); but to be honest I don't mind other people dressing to get attention. Yes, it takes away the individuality of others; but if they are happy wearing what they wear, and its not deliberately offensive, then it doesn't bother me. Stereotyping is the bigger evil.

Your personality reflected in your clothes is what makes women desirable from a distance.
Jay Vampire

I think the way that people dress is up to them. I'm a grebbo and people hate the way I dress. Just because I wear baggy jeans and hobbies they think that I'm trouble.

I go to a big school with 3,000 kids it's always hard to dress like them because they'll dress in black one day & blue the next. sometimes I wanted to say, "Did I miss the memo?" Now I given up and just wear what I want
Cici .D

Yeah! More people should let themselves go and dress/be themselves. So many people restrict their lives to rigid fashions and interests, and they just end up being false and lying to themselves. Be true to yourself!

Kool, be whoeva u want 2 b. Y should every1 be the same. If u like 2 do something y not! I dress how I want to (not like alex because it wouldn't suit me) but it's how I like it.

It's cool to dress how you want to...I try but my Mum is always shouting at me for dressing how I want because she doesn't like it and doesn't think anyone else will! I enjoy dressing up and I wear stuff because I like it, not because everyone has it or anything. The worst bit is when people say "oh look at her, what the hell is she wearing!" but it doesnt bother me!

Whether you're a goth or a punk or a dedicated follower of fashion or completely out of any loop but your own, dressing in way that makes you feel comfortable and confident is a good thing. As far as I'm concerned, if someone turns up to a special event in outrageous clothing I couldn't care a jot, as long as they've made the effort to be clean and friendly and courteous. What else matters?

All my friends say I have weird taste in clothes, but I don't care. I don't want to shock people with my clothes, because that attracts a lot of negative energy, but to be honest the general public are far too easily shocked by trivial things like clothing!

I feel quite strongly about what I wear. I try not to follow the crowd and wear what I want and not to please others. A lot of people do look at me a bit oddly sometimes but I don't mind because it just means that I stand out.
Claudia Foxcroft

Be who you want to be, you dont have to be like everyone else. I like girls that are different :)

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15 Oct 2003
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