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15 October 2014

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Tim gets bullied at school because of the way he dresses.

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By Tim Rousham
People streotype Tim and his friends just because of the way they dress. This has led to bullying by other people at school, all because they don't like the way they look.


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Your thoughts about this video


personally i think goths are independant people,they are easy 2 talk to and great fun ,they act themselves and i thoink they are loveli people, however i am not 1 myself...i like beingme and i think people should appretiate themselves and others x

These people will bring you down in life, i have long hair myself, i face it every day.

Its stupid that you can get bullied for something as simple as clothes. WHO CARES? Just wear what you want and like it. Its your body and you can put whatever you want on it! You make your decisions-not bullies.

I used to be bullied at school because of the way i looked. It was depressing but i told a teacher and it was sorted out later because a new friend of mine stuck up for me against the bully and it was sorted out but it isn't always that easy for everyone, you should be proud of who you are and i think its terrible that your bieng bullied because of how you look and you know what they say you should never judge a book by its cover.

I'm sorry that happened to you and your friends, and maybe you don't ant the sympathy but you're getiing it anyways.....not because of the way you dress or because you're different but because people are afraid of anything or anyone diferent, i like the way you dress, and if you do then continue doing it, the other people just need to grow up.


Riley Whetstone
That is how people that are different than others are treated by "normal" people. I can never figure out why.

I was bullyied at school because of the way i looked, it wasn't a very nice experience. But I don't think anyone should be put through it. Shame on those who do!

i used to be a bully and now i get bulled and now i know were i went wrong

In my school the most people don't like the things that I wear! but the meaning from the others interested me not!

Allisha John
People only bully when they feel insecure. Tese people obviously don't understand that each person is unique and therefore lash out. My advice is be yourself and show them how weak they really are!!!!!!!

I hate those type of people they think theyr so cool and everything when they r wit their friends but if they see u and they r alone they wont have the courage to say things to u.u should always be proud of who u r and no matter what others say. In the i go to there a girl , girls in school teased for the way she dressed because even though we wear school uniform every1 thought she looked like a boy also because of her short hair. she was also teased about being smelly wich i didnt think she was and everytime i was next to her my friends pulled me away like she was somekind of strange monster or something but i felt that everybody was wrong about her because nobody has no right criticise others and because of all of this she left the school. So dont care about wat they say and dress the way you wanna cause its ur life. I think u have alot courage and u dress preety cool as well.:)

Sophie Hayward
i think its awful to be bullied about something as stuiped as clothes...i was bullied about being different and dressing to way out..and i was wearing uniform. i think people need to find someone to pick on,and if you stand out a little, you'll be the target. the younger years of my life at school were henious...i hated every minute, but fortunatly i moved away and got to go to a school designed for artistic people...meaning that whatever someone wore..its was always admired by someone one is teased. i think tims film was supurb, and will be a real eye opener for anyone who bullies creative and indervidual people.

It's always the people who lack individuality and creativity of their own. Be who you are. Those are the atrocities of life. it doesnt end in high school, it continues. It's hard to find people who can appreciate people for who they are.

Lord Stone Soul
I am Goth. And I'm proud of it. The clothing and appearance is not a choice, it is a manifestation of who we are inside. Denying it would be like telling a woman that she HAS to dress like a man, because it is unnaceptable to be a woman. Now a woman may chose to dress like a man if she wishes, but to be forced to do so, out of shame for her womanhood is wrong, on the very surface of it. It is the same with goths. We don't choose to be goths. It's who we are, a NATURALLY DEVELOPED PART OF OUR PERSONALITY. Our clothes are just the most visual part of a sense of being that emenates throughout our entire lifestyle and worldview. SO if he is oppressed for his appearance, what is happening is an oppression of our poeple in general. And that's just not right people.

Ash Cross
School can be a hard enough experience for a number of people without having to go through the experience of being rejected by ‘the others’ and especially for something as petty as choice of clothing. Tim is the victim in this incidence and it leads to violence. Who gives anybody the right to mistreat someone? The main reason is that the victim is ‘different’. But no one is the same. Bullies need to look in the mirror and look to see who is really the ‘different’ one. Everyone has the freedom to wear what they like. No one has the right to tell you otherwise.

Tom Whatling
How do you justify normal? To be bullied and subjected to what Tim has gone through because of the way he chooses to present himself is shocking and disgraceful. This piece opened my eyes as to what it must feel like. This is an endearing piece, and also a stark piece of reality as this sort of case is going on everyday in every school all over Britain. Tim is a brave lad standing up to the people who have caused such misery and refusing to give in to what the so called normal kids think is normal. This is truly a brave young lad. Personly I found this piece of film brave and compelling. So the lad doesn't want to be stereotyped, fair play.

Sarah Yeomans
WHAT DOES OUR DRESS SENSE MEAN? Identity, difference, and how they aid the reinforcement and development of one other form the thematic basis of this video. The subject, teenager Tim, falls victim to discrimination, verbal and physical abuse, he is rejected by and segregated from the 'OTHERS' within his school community - a result of his attitudes and tastes towards clothes and dress. Anger and hostility is felt as Tim questions the cruel behaviour of the 'OTHERS', even refering to his peers at one point as "They all like to travel in groups", as if a unit of clones - possessing collective, not unique ideas and attitudes. Throwing of tissue paper indicates intent to humiliate and intimidate, rather than injure. A reflection of his peers own feelings of inadequacy and insecurity. The ideas discussed indicate how clothes and fashion has developed a major role within popular culture - how fashions and dress codes determine your position, status, even significance within society. Subsequently clothing provokes stereotypes of which the so believed 'normal' teenagers within the video utilise as justifications for their discriminative actions. Clothing and moral panics - long hair, nail polish, black clothing:- Rock/punk music, homosexuality, darkness, pain, unpleasantness, evil (satanic) all judgmental, falsehoods and stereotypes. NORMAL/ ABNORMAL? WHAT IS NORMAL?

People who take the p*** out of others appearance probably have some issues with their own self esteem. They probably hate themselves so feel like they have to blend in and be 'one of the crowd' and think that by being prats to other 'different' people they're taking the limelight off themselves and then people don't see how stupid and pathetic they are themselves. Not sure if that makes sense but I know what I mean!

People who bully people because of what they wear make me so mad because I get called things cuz I am a bit quirky and a bit of a goth at times but I don't bully them cuz they are different from me? What gives them the right? I think you are really funky and always be yourself no matter what

Hannah Laithwaite
Wear what u wanna wear. Don't listen to others.

Cristina Drummond
I think the problem reflects intolerance towards difference rather than towards the clothes. The other students feel threatened by Tim's courage, so they jealously try to attack his attitude by physically abusing him.

It's really annoying when people judge on the way you dress. I dont care what people dress like, as long as I like them, but most people care what I dress like, and thats really stupid. I think you dress pretty cool, and I want a Green Day belt!!

It's up to you the way you dress and everything, if ppl bully you over little things, they need to get a life.

I don't think that you look untidy at all. In fact I think you look brilliant! And I know exactly what you mean. It happens to the best of us! I wish there were more guys out there like you. I like guys like you :)

It hasn't happened to me but I'm really sorry it happened to them.

This happens to me also. I think that it's mad that people can be bullied by something as mad as the clothes that you are wearing. It's awful!

Tim Rousham
1.14 mins
09 Oct 2003
Video Nation Suffolk
England - South East
Talking Teenagers

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