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15 October 2014

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Frank reminds Mr Blair that charity starts at home.

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By Frank Page
Frank points out the difficulties of getting into the doctors and hospital and reminds Mr Blair that charity starts at home. He thinks the government should represent the British and take less interest in foreign affairs.


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Your thoughts about this video


I totaly agree with Frank, as for Hashmat Azizy you seem to over look our ancestors stood up to the tyrany and oppresion so we could have the country we live in and love, maybe the asylum seekers should do the same and then be proud of their country too.

Paul Luttik
I am British/Dutch and have lived all my life in Belgium, I am multi lungual and have had many benefits from living in a country in an ideal "crossroads" position. We have exactly the same intergration problems over here but I feel that the countries where seekers come from should be informed on the realities of our Western states namely we are not all millionaires and most people owe banks for houses, cars etc... and most western states are virually bankrupt. Help those deprived countries to help themselves on an unconditional basis and that would be well spent foreign aid!

Frances Patterson
Frank is misinformed. The Centre at Daedalus - if it happens, is only a proposal and will have a dispersal system for the asylum seekers after their claims have been processed. They are not going to stay in this area, they will either be sent back or moved away. That is the whole point of these Centres. Medical care will be in-house and will not affect local services. There is no evidence to support claims of increased criminal activity, and there is no reason to suppose that the people who come here will not be genuine. What really puts a strain on local services is the new estate being built, of 1,050 new houses which will increase the population of Lee by 50%, and the 300 new Army married quarters being built on the airfield. These new residents will definitely need doctors, schools, shops and roads, none of which are currently being built. Looking at the slogan 'Save our Community', I ask, from what? Already we have lost the Belle Vue Hotel and the Spinnaker cafe, not to mention the police houses, which have been demolished to provide building space for yet more flats. Which will house elderly people in much more need of medical sevices than young men. Which will be the greater drain on the infrastructure of this community? Thousands of new residents clamouring for services, or 400 young men in a self-contained unit, discouraged from mixing in the local community?

Hashmat Azizy
I agree with Michael Maher, but just imagine that you have got a problem here in England. Imagine that in England no human rights and you want to seek asylum. What would you do?

R Freidman
In most part I agree with Frank. How can you justify, for instance, somebody being allowed to use our hospitals etc, without paying a single penny towards the cost? I know that many are doing the jobs that nobody else wants to do, but I also see British people doing those jobs also. I'm sorry, I know there are genuine cases, but I'm sure I couldn't walk into another country and get a place to live, money for nothing, and free hospital care. Also the goverment should at least allow them to work, so they may contribute something to the country that they want to call home.

Sean Flanagan
I disagree with Frank about where charity begins. The majority of people coming here are fleeing for their lives. We cannot put a cap on human suffering. To Carol Garson, how does helping asylum-seekers make life worse for the elderly? To Michael Maher, the presence of huge numbers of asylum-seekers does not make the British people any less British.

David Moore
I reget that there are unfeeling people like you. A person who admits he has "no proof" but speaks as if he had some knowledge. You are someone who will not examine truth but listens to prejudice. I hope one day you are not on the other side of the divide you seem to want.

Carol Garson
I quite agree. Our elderly need help from the Government before taking in asylum seekers. It is not good enough - our borders should be closed for a number of years to deal with who is here already. Enough is enough.

Michael Maher
Just listened to Frank Pages' views on asylum seekers and he is correct in saying that the Government are to involved in foreign affairs. We are not British anymore. We've been taken over and they're dictating to us what they want and don't want. Tear up the Geneva Convention and give us our right's back. The people of this country should say who comes into it.

Frank Page
1.07 mins
10 Jul 2003
Video Nation Southampton
England - South
Asylum Day

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