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15 October 2014

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Lisa-Marie perceives her teenage life to be a lot different to that of a non-gypsy.

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By Lisa-Marie Smith
Lisa-Marie perceives her teenage life to be a lot different to that of a non-gypsy. In her culture it's not acceptable to have boyfriends - drink or smoke - things she thinks regular teens do. Lisa sees herself as more of a grown-up than an average teen - she doesn't go to school. Instead she spends her time in the home - cooking - cleaning and looking after her younger siblings. But there's no chance of a man in her life. Gypsy boys haven't made a good impression on her, and anyway, her parents would never allow it!


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bonnie lee
i agree wid her its jus the upbringing shes had i am the same posistion as her to travlers/gypsys are very different from gorgers.

i am a traveller n i tink lisa is different 2 my gypsy culture we look afta younger children but also we drink n tings 2 n we av a choice 2 go 2 school lisa n other gypsys arent aloud 2 stand up 2 our our parents or well be kilt.

mary - ann sweeny
i am a travler my self and when u are a girl you have respect for yourself then every one else gives respec to you for doing so.

I think that sounds quite sensible apart from you never said whether you could choose whether to court this boy or not... I wouldn't want my mum and dad to decide that for me!

Victor Dias
I suppose there's nothing such as worse or better in terms of cultures. We might think a certain feature of a culture might be "worse" just because we are so used to the way our society works that we forget it is only one of the various ways societies seems to work. And all of them seem to be doing alright. For others, the way our society goes about might be the "wrong" one.

dont worry i respect your culture, as long as your happy wiv it and you enjoy bein who u are thats all that counts

mary you have a very diffrent culture to me and im a travellin girl you should beable to live your own life.come down halfway and meet up with me and all the travellin boys

Rosie price
well im a travelling girl an i dunt tink ur living right you knows me and me travelling couisins r allways with all the travelling boys you should met up with us you knows

i think all teanagers are stropy but thats the way we are cant help that

i just think it is stupid because our parents were young once so we should be allowed to what we want when we want.

i think its cool that there are other cultures in our country but its a shame no one really knows about them. i would hate to have to wait till i was 17 to have a boy friend but thats just the way i was brought up

i think that Lisa-Marie has very little perspective of non-traveller teenage life. she thinks that all teenagers smoke, drink and have sex. That simply is not true and she should be allowed to find this out for herself. Her parents seem to take far too much control over her life, and if they carry on this way she will eventually end up rebelling against them. I think that totally stopping Lisa-Marie from seeing boys is too strict. If she is as mature as she says she is, then she will act sensibly when with boys. I also think that being as restricted by her parents as she is, she is losing out on some experiences of growing up. She is being forced to grow up too early. Saying that, it is their culture and who am I to judge?

charlie curtis
yer i think that it is a good world that she is in and or thow i hang about with boys and have boyfriends i still think it should be the same here like dont smoke an boys not feeling your bums

i am a gypsy to so i know what its like

we should respect and not take advantage of people and not judje a book by its cover !!!

i think you should live life a little. you have to go out a bit more and start going to school and dont see your self as a grown up you are still young + i can't understand why your parent's will not let you go out.sit them down and talk to them it might work.good luck.

I think that this is a good vidoe because we should all know about other cultures. I also think that it is not fair that Lisa cannot have a boyfriend until she is 17 because if she likes someone she can't get off with them or anything.

i think lisa is a very pretty girl and should have freedom no matter what age to do what she likes.i am also a gypsey.x

i am irish but my family are not like that i dont smoke or have sex but i do drink im 15 now started drinking when i was 13 but its not the point you should have some freedom!

mckenzie and shianna
so ur sayin you cant fall in love till your 17 were travelers and we are 14 and are in love already

I think that we should respect each other's different cultures, but I think Lisa should have a right to speak out and earn herself the education and respect that many people think traveller families do not deserve.

We should respect each others cultural upbringing.

I have nothing but sympathy for Lisa. Her future (or lack of it), was set when she was born to a "traveller" family. It's not an enviroment benificial to children.

I think we should be very careful before we make judgements about whether other people's cultural patterns are right or wrong. As a liberal non-traveller, I think 14 is a bit young for smoking, drinking and sex too. I 'd much rather my girls left all that until 16 or 17. Travellers have very close-knit families, and I think we should leave it up to them to decide when their daughters are ready to start families of their own. Education is another matter though. Lisa should be free to get an education if she wants one - it's her right, surely?

David Mahon
Natural, real and true to the camera.

Bob Hoo
Try to leave the original surroundings, and make yourself happy. The members of your family will understand you later.

That seems to be a hard life to me. I can't imagine to depend on your parents that much. When you are not going to school there is no chance to change your life and make it better. Some restrictions given by parents are good, but Lisa's parents seem to control her life

Lisa-Marie Smith
1.31 mins
22 Oct 2003
Video Nation Oxford
England - South
Talking Teenagers

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