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15 October 2014

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Mike has two teenage daughters, whose bedrooms are very different

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By Mike Michaels
Mike's two teenage daughters had very different approaches to the tidyness of their bedrooms. The youngest, Vienna, has the larger bedroom but it was always a mess. Her older sister, Melissa, has more stuff in a small room but it was always tidy. Then one day Vienna started tidying her room, which made Mike very happy. But on almost exactly the same day Melissa's room turned into a tip. Melissa says it's her room so she can do what she wants. But Mike say it's her room in his house...


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As me being a teenager, I know there is not enough time in the day to clean your room. You have school, Friends, and somtimes nagging parents and it gets really hard. My room is alwayz messy. Its hard for me to organize it. I have to much things and I have already trew out 3 black garbage bags. So if the teenage wants a messy room, then let them, but dont if they have cups and bowls allover the place becaause the effects bugs in the rents house. Let your child express them selves in the own room. If they do it now, when they grow up there house will be clean. But if you dont let them do what they want to their rooms when they grow up their houses will be a pig nest.Thanks for listening. Alaysha

there is always a need for big rooms it is so much easyer to keep clean as i have a big room there is enough space to put everything

that was not a good thing to do! i would absolutely hate it if my dad did that! I am 13 and i live in a messy room also, just get her more storage!

When I was a teenager, I wouldn't tidy my room just because my mum was telling me to do it. She thought I'd never be able to keep a tidy house when I grew up - but I am! In fact, my house is now much neater than my parents'! I suppose I was just rebelling agains being told what to do. And maybe I WOULD have kept a tidy room if I'd just been left to it.

My room is always a tip, but whenever my mum and dad clean it it is spotless my room is quite small so i dont have much room I wish my room was tidier it looks so much better but now my mum and dad make me tidy my room with no help and i hate it but they say i have to learn but i just end up shoving it all in my cupboard because i cant tidy it on my own any tips ?

Ugh what's the point of trying to make her tidy it? You don't use the damn room, let her do what she likes with it!

im 16 and my room goes through messy stages and tidy stages mostly messy. however i think messy rooms r horrible. jus see how she likes living with a reeli tidy friend in a showroom tidy house 4 a week n she might tidy up her room due to shame - lol worked 4 me

I am 14 and have a messy room, it's basically part of a teenagers life to be messy. My dad doesn't bother nagging me to tidy it because it's my room and i can keep it how i like. But because i know my dad is getting older now (62 in 2005) i am decorating my room and getting rid of most of my furniture and painting it, hopefully resulting in me keeping it tidy to display my gorge room. If you really want your daughter(s) to have tidy rooms, allow them to paint and decorate heir own room making them plaeased of their work at the end of it.

Ohh Her room is exactly the same as mine ! And my father is trying to make me change, asking me to tidy it up but no way...two days later it's still a mess. It's not a choice! it's a way a life..."An encumbered room may show an encumbered mind...Ok, but what about an empty one?"

Nag her to tidy it it always works with me or stop her spending money or something like that i am 13 and my bedroom used to alwaysbe a tip bit now i know that if it gets bad i either tidy it or stay in until its upto my mums standards

it takes too long to put things in places where they can be 'neat', i just live like that, i can find stuff quite easily as it is on the floor!! let her do what she wants..

Jenny Jakobs
I am researching how the messy bedroom affects parents. It is great to see that the dilemma affects from UK to NZ

Too right messyness = creativity how many tidy freaks do you know that are painters or designers?

its her room, its private and keep out!

I have 2 daughters and one son. However, they have now all left home. I have a great deal of sympathy for Mike having been through similar experiences myself. I just wonder how much of his daughter's untidiness spreads to the rest of the house.

Mike, learn to live with it. All to soon they will have left home and believe me you`ll be opening those bedroom doors and praying to see a junk filled room.

Being a teenager, I would really want a big room so I could keep my bedroom tidy but you can't when there's so much clutter, you need some where to put it, so why not the floor!

I feel sorry for Mellisa, she's right its her room. As a parent you should be prepared to give that to your child and give them the privacy they are entiltiled to. The messy room shouldn't affect the parent, it's not them who have to live in it, and Melissa is obviously happy living that way, so let her.

It was brave of you to express your feelings about your daughter's living habits. I found it cute and funny. It seems that your daughter is a very creative person and likes to have a mess for a good brainstorm on ideas.

starlite sue
I know how he feels I have three teenagers and they are mess

Mike Michaels
2.34 mins
20 May 2003
Video Nation London
England - London
North London

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