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15 October 2014

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Elizabeth has abandoned her home. She's an ordinary person with a lot to offer...

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By Elizabeth Josephs
Elizabeth says asylum seekers are not criminals. She has abandoned her home and job in Rwanda and is now homeless. She is an ordinary person with a lot to offer. She doesn't understand why people don't realise this...


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Your thoughts about this video


colin crane
I too possess several relevant qualifications, together with considerable experience covering a very wide area of skills, yet I cannot get decent work in the UK and now work at a considerably reduced wage to what I had studied and qualified for during my long working life. I have been "interviewed" by ethnic people when claiming "my supposed rights" stood in long queues of immigrants/ethnics (inc asylum seekers of course) to claim "my rights" many of which I was denied or, at best, had to fight very hard to get. Oh I am now 60 and was born and bred in the UK from TWO ENGLISH (Mother & Father) parents with a known history from at least the 1400's. I have a mentally handicapped brother who does not get that much help -just enough to be decent etc. Why should ANYONE else EVER get any financial assistance from the UK? I too am in 'danger of my life' as, if I cannot pay my mortgage then I will be out on the streets as I will have been seen to have put myself in such a debt and will NEVER qualify for council based housing! Is it any wonder that WE ENGLISH get a little uptight towards immigrants and especially asylum seekers?

I have to say that if these people are being treated that bad why doesn't their own country help them, I also think that Britain should get the problems in this country sorted out before they think about helping other country's as it only seems to be me along with millions of other people who seem to be paying for it out of our pockets, and I also think that they should assemble 1 goverment to run this country and not the 6 or 7 that they have at the moment.

I am an asylum seeker. From within Britain I have gained all the profesional qualifications requred for the job. I qualified in a field I specialised in while I was in my country and I can't get a job since I have got no experience working in Britain. It is insane to talk about abusing the system. Who abuses the system? The media focuses on the ugliest parts and they make it hard for the British to trust Asylum seekers. They can be capable of nothing other than sheltering from wild animals and bulets each time TV shows wildlife and wars. Imagine me getting free education, now on free benefits> I could even win a free grant if I claimed it. I could also have a tax free job. One must have a heart to have a brains. It is how you feel about a situation that decides how your brain will react in providing the solution. I wonder why the British are so civilised but very primitive.

Sean Flanagan
I think Elisabeth has a lot to offer that would contribute immensely to the economy. She has harmed no one, she did not choose to be persecuted. There are a few who abuse the system but most are genuine human beings who deserve better. Elisabeth should be allowed to work and contribute to the economy.

Edward Challen
There are many economic asylum seekers who want to get what they can out of our welfare system. But there are a much smaller number of genuine asylum seekers who have experienced persecution and/or war situations. These do not want to live off the State, though many are forced to be involved in the system. I know personally of those who will not even accept a gift without getting upset! This family are not out for what they can get, but simply want to know security and peace, and to forget the terrible experiences they have been through. They have lost personal property, land and family. Is it so unreasonable to allow them to be able to begin a new life here? To send them back to the country where they have received such terrible inhuman treatment is not only insensitive, but shows a complete lack of human understanding. Many people who do not understand such a plight should consider how they would want others to treat them if they were to experience such unfortunate and painful circumstances. Abusers of the sytem are making it very difficult for those who truly have suffered, and who are still suffering the inhumanity of man. We certainly should not support abuses of human rights and when an asylum case has been won on human rights grounds, what is our government saying to the world when the Home Office challenges a lawfully made human rights decision in the courts? Shame on them.

Kate Tansley
I believe that the UK should offer a warm welcome to people who have suffered persecution in other countries. The fact is that most refugees go to the country nearest them, as statistics show, the UK only has a very small percentage of the world's refugees. I am concerned by the hatred and bigotry displayed by papers such as the Daily Mail and Evening Standard who print misleading stories and even tell lies about refugees. The fact is that this lady is from Rwanda. I'm not sure if John from New Rochelle NY, USA, is aware of this, but Rwanda is a country which underwent severe upheaval and genocide actually took place. I find it easy to understand why she would need to escape this situation! We should help people who have suffered this trauma, not harm them. In fact, our asylum system is unjust to refugees, sometimes sending people back to intolerable and dangerous situations, and keeping them in poverty and poor housing over here. The constant myth spreading about refugees endangers them as they are vulnerable to attack.

I totally agree with Chris. If the 'useless' asylym seekers were to leave, the whole British economy would suffer. In a country where the number of old people is growing you cannot expect Briatin to be as competitive as the other major powers without the help of immigrants. British people can be very hypocritical most of the time, yes they want all the commoditites and for this Britain has to be a major economic power, however they dont want the ones who help doing the 'unwanted' jobs here. Disgraceful

Chris Benton
With so many of the public service professions desperate for staff and an apparent chronic shortage of workers to do the necessary jobs that are not 'glamorous' why do we not CELEBRATE the fact that so many skilled, hardworking people choose the UK as a place to come ? The issue of economic migrant/assylum is bogus. How would the NHS cope if all those first or second generataion 'immigrants' were to leave the country ?

John, New Rochelle NY, USA.
The usual hard luck story. If she had all of the conveniences back in wretched Rawanda, then why is she in England looking for a hand out? The truth is that hundreds of thousands of other so called asylum freeloaders, know that England is the 'soft touch' centre of the world. The British people should be outraged that their government is allowing England to become a floating refugee camp, and all at the expense of the UK taxpayer.

Working for a local council and living in an area with large numbers of asylum seekers/refugees, I can confirm as mentioned by many that they do not pay for gas and electricity as suspected by some. I also see flouting of British law especially untaxed vehicles. This leaves me wanting to know if they are insured. The Council and the Police do not want to know. It is about time we gave support to the old people of this country who have paid into this country's taxes yet are getting a raw deal seeing their benefits cut. Wake up Britain they all come to this country with the same old story of torture and abuse yet many offer no proof of torture, not even a mark on their body. How long do we have to put up with this stupidity that will destroy this country's economy. Many have no skills to offer this country, which means they will be on benefits for a long time. Who will pay for this? The tax payer, who will be worse off in their pockets?

Lynn Clough
I have appreciated the vidio clips. I support the people featured. However it is not the whole story. You have not featured any economic migrants. Nor have you discussed abandoned women of arranged marrages. The issue of young men involved in unlawfull behavior and gang activity has not been touched. Neither has abandond children. As a social worker I could tell some tails. I strongly believe we sould accept refugees but the system has been abused and still is being abused. Abusers of the system add to the hostility genuine refugees suffer.

Elizabeth Josephs
0.54 mins
11 Jul 2003
Video Nation Leicester
England - East Midlands
Asylum Day

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