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15 October 2014

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Lani warns of the dangers of alcohol - it nearly lost Lani her parents.

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By Lani Brownett
Lani originally wanted to talk about cooking but has more serious issues on her mind. She warns of the dangers of alcohol - She dropped out of two universities and almost lost her parents because of it.


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Your thoughts about this video



Control is the most important thing! With me, I try to place my limits...I know what not to drink...I stick to beer which is not as damaging as the rest....cheers

Well done Lani for showing how damaging drink can be. A good insight into the drink cycle. You can be treated at some very good clinics free to all,if you feel your drinking is out of control.

This makes me think twice about some of my friends I see out every weekend. I don't think we really understand how serious being drunk every weekend can be.

I can relate to what you are saying 100%....I recently almost dropped out of college due to drink. I stop for a while then go back to it. I wish you all the best for the future.

Kate Bartholomew
Lani chooses to share with us a subject that many would feel ashamed to put into the public arena. Alcoholism is too often associated with older people, and we forget that people of Lani's age suffer from it too. She shows a lot of emotion, particularly when talking about her parents, who appear to be a huge concern for her. Along with a goal of returning to university, her parents may be her aid in battling this illness.

Thank u for the warnings. I hope things work out for u. Don't give up hope.

How brave are you ? Well done and please know you inspire me. I know of my problems and I know I can't deal with them yet, allthough I know I must! It has been at least a 14 year battle, since I was married anyway and I have drank since 16 yrs old! My marriage has broken and I have 2 children as well, it is the worst Christmas and general time ever!

David Mahon
I hope your doing well, a really truthful and thoughtful video.

Karrie - San Jose California.
Lani, You are far more wonderful than even you know. I know when you did this video how hard that was for you to do. I understand that you're motive was to help other people. I wanted you to know that the things you lost (college/University) are still there. I can promise you, as a Mom myself, that you will never lose your Mom and Dad. I just have so much respect for you.

Thanks. How brave you are. In the future society will be condemned for its lack of understanding of the medical condition. Until we all understand that Alcoholism is a desease we cannot improve matters

Chan Yew Gin
My friend was an alcoholic. He had many friends with him when he was drinking cause he pays for the drinks most of the time. He will drink until late into the night. During this time he forgets his wife, children and home. He owns a Mercedes but he need not have to drive his car. His friends will come and pick him up. Just last year his health deteriorated. He was warned by the doctor to stop drinking immediately. What happened? All his friends deserted him. Most of them did not even visit him when he was warded in hospital for about a month. I call all of them 'FAIR WEATHER FRIENDS' So please beware of such kind of friends. They know you only during drinking session. Get rid of alcohol and you will automatically get rid of these kind of friends.

Jade Shaw
Hi, I have had that experience myself. It doesn't do any good and doesn't help at all but at the end I got through it with lots of help from close family & friends. I hope everything goes alright for you and you get through. Good Luck. x

I am so pleased to see the links to Alcoholics Anonymous. As a health professional, as well as a recovering alcoholic, I am well aware that most health workers involved with Alcoholics ignore AA despite the fact that it seems to be more effective at helping people recover than anything else. Alcohol misuse is an enormous problem which needs to be addressed more sincerely by the government - thank you for highlighting it

Mick Knight
Thanks to Lani for this first-hand view of alcohol and alcoholism. I recently attended a seminar in which the speaker, a person experienced in the field of drug and alcohol abuse, said that of all addictions she feared alcohol the most. The majority of drug abusers will eventually kick their habit, but this is not so with alcoholics. Perhaps that's because there isn't the stigma attached to alcohol and it is a legal stimulant?

Thanks for talking about the dangers of alcohol. It is a drug which causes many problems. I hope things work out for you.

Renata Macfarlane
Alot of young people don't realise that alcohol is a deadly addictive drug and it's so easy to get it. When you start feeling depressed and you're longing for a drink in order to improve your mood, that is the sign that u r addicted. Watch out! The only way is down from now on. Thanks for this video. People shoud be warned of the danger of alcohol everyday if possible.

Lani Brownett
2.11 mins
19 Sep 2003
Video Nation Leicester
England - East Midlands

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