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15 October 2014

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Nigel's relationship with alcohol has made him feel he's reached rock bottom...

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By Nigel Hope
For most people a beer in the sun is something to be enjoyed, but for Nigel drink is a demon. He has reached rock bottom. His alcohol addiction has cost him more than just his job and his home. Where does he go from here?


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Your thoughts about this video


you're so sincere , Nigel. Those of us who known the curse of addiction understand perfectly well your suffering. I gave up three years ago... it was uite an achievement.. and i'm sure YOU too can do it... It took me a great deal of suffering, of humiliation,of reflection ; and a finally a lot of effort to overcome the addiction.. to get started you have to be firm. NOT A SINGLE DROP ANYMORE. I keep telling myslf.." I'm just a drink away from hell!"... Just one ...One more drink and the whole chain begins... You must stop now!

It is harsh - alcohol is like all problems in our society. some people see the trap and others don't. Alcohol is highly addictive and it is not the booze that grabs you but the relief from the problems that plague. the best relief is giving up and seeking help, either spiritually, AA or through other lifestyles. Plus, it isn't actually giving up but releasing yourself. No-one who sees this video could say that this guy isn't in a trap and all he needs to do is realise that and spring the lock that holds him there. Best wishes, mate.

I was moved by his words,and I think alcohol is not a good thing ,too.It destroys many families and hurts many people.

Júlio Parreira- Brazil
Thank you for giving us your words, because I think it will be useful for all of those who are fighting against alcohol addiction.

Nigel, I hope u manage to conquer your addicition, and hope your family can find it in themselves to be there for you in your time of need.

syd stephens
my heart goes out to this chap dont drink alcohol my advice is get helpand the rest is up to you best wishes

He should go to rehab and get his life back!

Dawn Guthrie from Derby
Pray to the Lord for his help and he will surely come to you... he stands knocking outside your door you are the only person who can open... love in Jesus Christ and God Bless you my brother xx

go and see somone

hmmm...well nigel i hope for your sake you manage to straighten yourself out. My mum is an alcholic, and not only does it affect your life it affects those who care for you too. Its such an everyday activity to have a social drink, its just learning where to draw the line and realising when thers a problem! Best wishes!

Well, we are the moderators of all our habits. Excess is the target. The power of will be with you Nigel, is my will. :)

im interested to know how long Nigel has been drinking and was he ignoring his friends and family if their tried to tell him to stop

I hope Nigel finds the strength and the willpower to beat his addiction but also gets the help and support he needs from the organisations that are there for him. If Nigel shows his family that he is really serious about giving up alcohol i'm sure that they will be there to support him too. So Nigel don't give up find the help and support that you need and i'm sure that they will do all they can to start you on the road to recovery. I know it's a cliche but they say when you reach the bottom the only way is up, good luck for the future Nigel i hope it's one that is a lot happier.

i feel for this guy. i hope he makes it.

The video shows an alcoholic on a downer, the problem is after other 2 or 3 cans he won’t care and he will be on a high, he needs to have some goals in life or his life will just is not worth living. Ok he can get treatment but that is just treatment for his habit. There is really no treatment for the way he really feels inside unless he admits the problem is not the alcohol but the problem is within him.

Joyce Vahsholtz
My son was addicted to alcohol and was set free instantly through prayer. Jesus said "I came to set the captives free" My son has not touched alcohol in 20yrs now I will pray for you.God bless you> A mother who cares

Nigel, I grew up with an alcolholic father and know what you are going through, try and get the help that you need and I am sure you can make amends with your family. All the best, Nicola

if u wanna give up drinking u need something to take its place. i used to be a coke addict. i spent 1 half years in hosipital. i was with loads of acholics and other people with addictions. i would have gone back to it after all that had i not found something else to occupy my time. i needed another addiction that didn't invovle drug abuse. i came to thailand and dicovered thaiboxing. i used to drink and smoke. till i had my first fight. it was either knock it on the head or lose. then i had to exerise my arse off for 1 month. after the fight i haven't gone back to it. this is now 2 years after. before i used to drink and smoke and take drugs. i sed to be 85 kilos of fat now i am 66 kilos of muscle. i don't feel the need to go back . now i have boxing in my vains. probabaly undoing the damage in the from the past. trust me. first u need to detox. then u need a plan for after. once u have got it out of your system. it is when u r bored u will will be thinking about it. ui need to fill the gap. good luck

I know an old friend wh o feel into the same hole, he has been close to death several times, he only just got the all clear from cancer due to drink, he now says he want touch another drop... he keeps himself busy and is doing his home and garden up.Lets hope others can do the same

Nigel Hope
2.30 mins
31 Aug 2005
Video Nation Kent
England - South East

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