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15 October 2014

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Ann feels that drivers don't understand what to do when they approach horses on the road.

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By Ann Davies
Ann has a horse called Frisbee. She feels that drivers are very inconsiderate when it comes to horses on roads and they don't understand what to do when they approach one.


     The British Horse Society
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Your thoughts about this video


I live between two horse stables and I and many other people i know of are considerate to horse riders and the same with drivers, but i must add there are always going to be the few who ruin it for all concerned I can remember as a child going out on the road and having drivers slow down for me and also i have also looked behind me and noticed a small line of cars behind as the driver was Nervous so i pulled over, but what i see nowerer days is a lot of riders with the attitude that "They have right of way" and everybody else is just an inconvenouance and therefore they are above the law, these riders are the worst kind, before anybody else says anything about the bad drivers in the car they should try to tackle the few bad riders on the horse and then the police can sort the bad drivers, this issue is very much give and take and the roads would be a lot better if we all had a bit more consideration and give and take, and as for the mess left on the road i was always told that if your horse has to go you were to dismount and kick it in to the drain area for the rain to get it, i know this is an UNWRITTEN law but it stops all the complaints as this is so disgusting, i had a laugh thinking of the "horse poo" bags that the rider would have to carry so this "old" solution i think is the best and maybe the roads, path and so on would be a better place to ride for all Take care

I ride regularly on the roads and its the only way to get to forest hacking. I think its not too much to ask drivers to slow down for two secs.

I think this vidio is exellant and carry this on

Bob Elliott
Drivers tend to fordet that roads are not just for cars! Our roads are here for pedestrians, cyclists, riders, carriage drivers, and everybody else as well, adult, child and pensioner! How arrogant and selfish are the car drivers who think it is just for them and will not consider the safety of other quite legitimate road users!

I never fail to be amazed at the arrogance of horse riders who feel that everyone else should make allowances for their animals on busy roads. Horses are no longer a means of transport - they are pets and, like any other pet, should not be allowed to inconvenience other road users by causing an obstruction on main roads, most of which are already congested enough. I would like to see horses banned from A and B roads in the interests of road safety for all.

J M Glen's comments are interesting. We used to have things called bridle paths so we didn't have to go on roads. Sadly, like many other things in our countryside, these are far and few between.

J M Glen
Surely, roads are for cars and fields are for horses. Let's face it, if a car is doing 60MPH legally and they suddenly face a 3 MPH horse lumbering along over a crest or round a bend, the outcome could be disasterous. Cars are insured, horses are not (generally), and the two modes of transport should never meet. Why use main roads anyway, get on the muck.

Please be accurate - some drivers are thoughtless. Drive slowly, wide berth, lay off horns and lights. Standard practise for me. So not all drivers are thoughtless as she implies.

Ann raises an important issue. Whilst most drivers where I live are considerate there is always the minority that are not. These are, suprisingly, usually women in their 40's who don't appear to have any concept of what half a ton of horse will do for their social life if it comes crashing through their windscreen. More signposting is needed instructing drivers to slow down for horses. Councils need to provide more bridleways, and the government needs to run advertisments on the tv showing the implications of a collision between a horse and car. Having said that, I'm afraid that Ann is as mad as a hatter for riding on the road shown on the video! I wouldn't entertain riding a horse on a road that was that fast. Even the safest horse can spook. Ann and Frisbee wouldn't stand a chance if there was any kind of collision.

Ann Davies
2.15 mins
03 Jul 2003
Video Nation Hereford and Worcester
England - West

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