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15 October 2014

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Margaret is appalled by the way Michael Jackson was portrayed

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By Margaret Light
Margaret has just watched a special interview of Michael Jackson by Martin Bashir, and she's appalled at the way it was put over. If you listened carefully to Michael Jackson talking quietly, you'd know he could never harm a child - he's too much of a child himself. He's a sad man really, but the fact that they tried to say that he's a paedophile is appalling. She's not a particular fan of his, but she thinks this is going to backfire. Going back a bit to the time someone accused him of molesting a child, where she thinks that he paid 20 million dollars to settle the case, she says that if someone touched her children she'd want to see them rot in jail. She would never take the money and keep her mouth shut.

Your thoughts about this video


I completely agree with her I knew he hadn't done it in the first place but it made me see a different way round it I feel sorry for him because he obviosley had a troubled childhood

Dean Cook
I dont think michael has done such a thing to children and I think it is wrong to twist the whole story

Has no-one (ie physchiatrists) considered conducting an accurate psychoanalysis of this poor man's mind? As a result I believe people will better understand why he feels he has a connection with children and why the media like to insinuate that that connection is sexual when it isn't.

Martin Bashir should be ashamed of himself. Please continue to show your support for the man as he is undeniably one hell of a talent and one hell of a guy.

dean powell
excellent account margaret.The press have always been hard on michael-due to how his behaviour is different to ours-who cares let him be himself. why would he organise the 'heal the world'@ campaign ? he is just lonely and enjoys socialising with infants.

Perfect realisation of the Bashier interview. Thanks Margaret for your views.

Also anonymous
I watched only part of this program, but even I could see that Bashir was twisting MJ's words around. I am pleased that so many people have supported Michael in this matter. He has done so much for children, why would he molest one? He'd be a hypocrite. The truth is he is a very good person trying to help those children who are less fortunate.

Those of you who say the media should leave him alone, I'll ask you this question - did you watch the documentary? Because if so, you contributed to buying in to the media and are no better than the media for watching it.

Watching "Living With Michael Jackson" is disillusioning. I just CANNOT understand how people filled with SO much hatred exist. I am no fan of Jackson, but it was shocking to see EVERYTHING he said being twisted into something negative. I for one could easily figure the stupidity of the video, but it is sad to know that many people will go on to buy Bashir's comments.

Asia Chen-Hutson (USA)
I just had a little something to say to everyone out there who think MJ is a bad person. Michael is not a person who just wants to do all these bad things to a child just like the others said. I love MJ and he is just himself. He's not like other people in the world today, he has his own style, his own music and his own thoughts towards himself. If you are listening Michael, this is a fan of yours ever since I was 8. So I love you so much and don't worry about what others say about you on the news or on the radio - your you and I'm me so keep it that way! Oh, I almost forgot to say thank you to all the people who say MJ is not a bad kind of guy. Cuz he isn't one.

Liza (Phillipines)
Michael is still the best for us here in the Philippines. No matter what people say.

What you all said is basically true. I feel only sorrow and pity for poor MJackson.

I think the press should leave Michael alone. What has he ever done to them? Nothing, that's what. Michael is the best singer I know and I think people should leave him alone. All these things about his face - it is up to him what he does.

I have had it with these filthy rumours about him having sexual relations with young children. I am sick of it all. I hope everyone realises that the press are out of ideas and articles to write. In a world like this, nice people are taken advantage of. Why would he still allow children coming to his Neverland Ranch? Because he knows that the allegations were wrong. It didn't matter to him that other thought different. He knew that deep inside. I will never stop listening to and loving Michael Jackson for all the wonderful things that he has done.

Luke Keen
I don't think Michael Jackson was exploited particularily. He's a grown man (despite the way he acts) and knew what he was letting himself in for. He must have some idea of his public persona, and the fact that he was involved in the sexual abuse case years back hasn't left him at all.

While I do think Michael Jackson was exploited, I tend to think where there is smoke, there is fire. Having been a molested child, I can not imagine making false statements about it. I can believe that $20million would buy someone off and I see no reason for him to buy someone off if he is so innocent of that charge.

James Goodger
I think that the way Martin Bashir conned Michael Jackson into trusting him is appalling! Michael Jackson opened about his past life, present and future and from this Martin Bashir has made him out to be something he's not. Think about all the good things Michael Jackson has done for the world. Bashir should be ashamed of himself.

Given that Michael Jackson has been a business product since the age of 5, would it not be fair to assume that he is trying to catch up with his childhood? We are all going to regress in mental status, and often end up becoming more childlike. Given what people write about him, I think I would lock myself away, and surround myself with all the things I know I had missed out on as a child and share it with others. if he was married and led a 'normal' lifestyle, yet still did all this for kids, would the same be written about him then? Lets see people report on the good that he does.

Joanne Dawson
I don't think he would harm his children because he loves them very much. If you had children wouldn't you be over protective yourself?

Smita Mishra
I think all the hype about Michael Jackson was very much media created. After the editing scissors, the footage took a different shape. I saw Michael Jackson - The Footage You Were Never Meant To See on Sky TV. I felt disgusted and sad that Martin Bashir and Granada twisted the whole documentary into a controversial piece in order to attract maximum viewership for huge monetary returns.

I agree with you Margaret, I think that the media gets its kicks from tricking people into a false sense of security and exploiting the results.

Margaret Light
1.52 mins
08 Feb 2003
Video Nation Cumbria
England - North

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